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Pali MO Hare Horner Punnaji Bodhi Nanamoli Rhys Davids (Mrs)Rhys Davids Thanissaro Walshe Woodward
Nidana Downbound, Set, Setting, Start, Beginning, Cast



Pali Text Society
Pali English Dictionary
Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids and William Stede

Nidana: [Sk. nidana, ni+*dana of da, dyati to bind, cp. Gr. de/sma, dh_ma (fetter) and see dama] (a) (n.) tying down to; ground (lit. or fig.), foundation, occasion; source, origin, cause; reason, reference, subject ("sujet") M I.261; A I.134 sq.; 263 sq., 338; II.196; IV.128 sq.;...(b) (adj.) founded on, caused by, originating in, relating to S V.213 sq...(c) nidanam (acc. as adv.) by means of, in consequence of, through, usually with tato- through this, yato- through which D I.52, 73; M I.112...


Ni = down; dana = given; Downbound. The word is most familiar to readers of Pali in its use for the introductory paragraphs of suttas, and in the formula for the paticca samuppada. In both cases I believe the use relates to the meaning of this word as the knot used to begin the rug-weaving process, the first knot.



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