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Index of the Suttas of the Samyutta Nikaya
Sagatha Vagga
Mara Samyutta


Index of Sutta Indexes


I. Sagatha Vagga,

PTS: Samyutta Nikaya Volume 1, Sagatha-Vagga ed. by M. Léon Feer, London: Pali Text Society 1884. The html formatted Pali Text Society edition of the Pali text.
BJT: Samyutta Nikaya Volume 1, Sagatha-Vagga The Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series Pali text.

The Pali text for individual suttas listed below is adapted from the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series [BJT], not from the PTS version.
Each translation is linked to it's Pali version and to the PTS, Sister Upalavanna, Olds and where available to the ATI Bhk. Thanissaro translation, and each of these is in turn linked back to each of the others. Many, but not all have been checked against the Pali Text Society edition, and many have been reformatted to include the original Pali (and/or organizational) phrase and sentence breaks.

PTS: Kindred Sayings with Verses, translated by Mrs. Rhys Davids,
WP: The Book with Verses, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi
ATI: The translations of Bhikkhu Thanissaro and others originally located on Access to Insight
MNL: The translations of Sister Upalavanna.
BD: The translations of M. Olds.

IV. Mara Samyutta, IV.103

PTS: The Mara Suttas, I.129
WP: Connected Discourses with Mara, 195
Mrs. Rhys Davids references: This group of suttas has been translated into German by Dr. Windisch in his Mara und Buddha, Leipzig, 1895, a notable monograph on the Mara legend.

I. I.103

1. Tapo Kamman ca Suttam, I.1

BD: Penitence and Works
PTS: Penance and Work, 103
WP: Austere Practice, 195
MNL: Untitled

2. Nago Suttam, I.103

BD: The Elephant
PTS: The Wonder-Elephant, 129
WP: The King Elephant, 196
MNL: A Huge Elephant

3. Subham Suttam,, I.104

BD: Now Beautiful mo trans
PTS: Comely, 130
WP: Beautiful, 196
MNL: Welcome Forms

4. Pasa Suttam, I.105

PTS: The Snare, 131
WP: Mara's Snare, 197
MNL: The Snare I

5. Dutiya Pasa Suttam, I.105

PTS: The Snare 2, 131
WP: Mara's Snare 2, 198
MNL: The Snare II

6. Sappo Suttam, I.106

PTS: The Cobra, 133
WP: Serpent, 199
MNL: A Serpent

7. Syppati Suttam, I.107

PTS: He Sleeps, 134
WP: Sleep, 199
MNL: Sleeping

8. Nandanam Suttam, I.107

PTS: Gladness, 135
WP: He Delights, 200
ATI: Delight
MNL: Rejoicing

9. Ayu Suttam, I.108

PTS: Man's Life, 135
WP: Life Span, 201
MNL: The Lifespan I
BD: Years

10. Dutiya Ayu Suttam, I.108

PTS: Man's Life 2, 136
WP: Life Span 2, 201
MNL: The Lifespan II

II. Rajja Vagga

11. Pasano Suttam, I.109

PTS: The Rock, 137
WP: The Boulder, 202
MNL: Rocks

12. Siho Suttam, I.1

PTS: The Lion, 137
WP: Lion, 202
MNL: A Lion

13. Sakalika Suttam, I.110

PTS: The Splinter, 138
WP: The Splinter, 203
ATI: The Stone Sliver
MNL: A Splinter

14. Patirupa Suttam, I.111

PTS: Suitable, 139
WP: Suitable, 204
MNL: Somebody Like You

15. Manasa Suttam, I.111

PTS: Sense-experience, 140
WP: Mental, 205
MNL: Mentally

16. Patta Suttam, I.112

PTS: The Bowl, 140
WP: Almsbowls, 205
MNL: Bowls

17. Ayatana Suttam, I.112

PTS: The Sphere of Sense, 142
WP: Six Bases for Contact, 206
MNL: Mental Faculties

18. Pinda Suttam, I.113

PTS: Alms, 143
WP: Alms, 207
MNL: Morsel Food

19. Kassaka Suttam, I.114

PTS: The Ploughman, 144
WP: The Farmer, 208
ATI: The Farmer
Buddhism in Translations, Mara as Plowman. Warren, trans.
MNL: A Farmer

20. Rajja Suttam, I.116

PTS: Governance, 145
WP: Rulership, 209
ATI: Rulership
MNL: Rulership


21. Sambahula Suttam, I.117

PTS: Very many, 147
WP: A Number, 210
MNL: Many Bhikkhus

22. Samiddhi Suttam, I.119

PTS: Samiddhi, 148
WP: Samiddhi, 211
MNL: Venerable Samiddhi

23. Godhika Suttam, I.120

PTS: Godhika, 149
WP: Godhika, 212
MNL: Venerable Godhika

24. Sattavassani Suttam, I.122

PTS: Seven Years, 153
WP: Seven Years of Pursuit, 215
MNL: For Seven Years

25. Dhitaro Suttam, I.124

PTS: The Daughters, 156
WP: Mara's Daughters, 217
MNL: Daughters of Mara

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