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Samyutta Nikaya:
V. MahaVagga
45. Magga Sanyuttaa

Sutta 28

Samadhi Suttam


Translated from the Pali by Michael Olds



[1][pts][bodh] I hear tell this was cast in Savatthi

There then The Lucky Man said this to the beggars:


And the beggars responding, "Bhante!"
the Lucky Man said:

"I will teach you, beggars, of the aristocratic consummate serenity,
with it's sources
with it's adornments.

Lend an ear!

And what, beggars is the aristocratic consummate serenity,
with its sources,
with it's adornments?


Consummate view,
consummate principles,
consummate speech,
consummate works,
consummate lifestyle,
consummate self-control,
consummate memory.

It is, then, beggars,
with these seven-dimensions
of the unified heart adorned,
that the aristocratic consummate serenity,
is said to be:
'with it's sources'
'with it's adornments'.


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