Anguttara Nikaya

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III. Tika Nipato
II. Rathakara Vagga

Sutta 18

Devaloka Suttam


Translated from the Pali by
Sister Upalavana



[1.1][1][wrrn][pts][bodh] I heard thus.

Bhikkhus, if ascetics of another faith ask you:

"Friends, do you lead the holy life in the dispensation of the recluse Gotama, to be born in heaven?"

Wouldn't you be worried, wouldn't you loathe it?

Yes, venerable sir.

Bhikkhus, wouldn't you be worried and wouldn't you loathe that heavenly, life span, beauty, pleasantness, fame and authority.

Isn't it better that you be worried and loathe bodily misconduct, verbal misconduct and mental misconduct.

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