Anguttara Nikaya

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XXIII: Sucarita Vagga

The Book of the Gradual Sayings
The Book of the Fours
Chapter XXIII: Good Conduct

Sutta 221

Vaci-Sucarita Suttam

Good Conduct

Translated from the Pali by F. L. Woodward, M.A.

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[1] Thus have I heard:

On a certain occasion the Exalted One was staying near Savatthi.

Then the Exalted One addressed the monks, saying:


"Yes, lord," they replied,
and the Exalted One said:

"Monks, there are these four bad habits of speech.

What four?

bitter speech
idle babble.

These are the four.

[235] Monks, there are these four good habits of speech.

What four?

Speaking truth,
not speaking slander,
soft speech
wise speech.[1]

These are the four."


[1] Reading manta-bhasa, as at I 149, for text's manta-vaca; Sinh. text matta-bhassam. Comy. says nothing; but see loc. cit.

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