Digha Nikaya

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Digha Nikaya

Sutta 1

Reprinted from

Sacred Books of the Buddhists
Volume II

Dialogues of the Buddha
Part III

Translated from the Pali by T.W. and C.A.F. Rhys Davids

"This translation is reproduced by permission of the Pali Text Society which owns the copyright."



Dialogues of the Buddha
Volume 1

Sacred Books of the Buddhists
Volume II

Translated from the Pali
T.W. Rhys Davids

In the Public Domain
Reproduced with the agreement of The Pali Text Society


Preface [ix]

#1: Brahma-gala Suttanta: The Perfect Net [Introduction page xxv - Text page 1]

#2: Samanna-phala Suttanta: The Fruits of the Life of a Recluse [Introduction page 56 - Text page 65]

#3: The Ambattha Suttanta: Pride of Birth and Its Fall [Introduction page 96 - Text page 108]

#4: The Sonadanda Suttanta: Characteristics of the True Brahman [Introduction page 137 - Text page 144]

#5: The Kutadanta Suttanta: The Wrong Sacrifice and the Right [Introduction page 160 - Text page 173]

#6: The Mahali Suttanta: The Aim of the Brethren [Introduction page 186 - Text page 197]

#7: Galiva Suttanta: Is the Soul Distinct from the Body? [Introduction page 205]

#8: Kassapa-Sihanada Suttanta: The Naked Ascetic [Introduction page 206 - Text page 223]

#9: The Potthapada Suttanta: The Soul Theory [Introduction page 241 - Text page 244]

#10: Subha Suttanta: Conduct, Concentration, and Intellect [Introduction page 265 - Text page 267]

#11: Kevaddha Suttanta: The Three Wonders, and the Gods [Introduction page 272 - Text page 276]

#12: Lohikka Suttanta: Some Points in the Ethics of Teaching [Introduction page 285 - Text page 288]

#13: Tevigga Suttanta: Knowledge of the Vedas [Introduction page 298 - Text page 300]

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