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Monday, January 28, 2018
Previous upload was Sunday, December 31, 2017


The scents of flowers and saps and roots
go only on the wind,
but the scent of the good man
goes in all directions
with and against the wind.

- AN 3.79



Not from all things turn away the mind,
if mind be well restrained -
But where whatever evil be,
at that repelled is mind well-trained.

- SN 1.1.24, olds, trans.



new Friday, January 12, 2018 5:32 AM [AN 3.103] Lamentation, the Olds translation,
Linked to the Pali and the Woodward translation.
The Buddha says that singing is just lamentation, dancing is just madness, and laughter is just childishness. Destroy the bridge, he says, to singing and dancing; It is enough, if something is really worthy of rejoicing, to simply smile.



With this upload the process of migrating the editorial content of the What's New? pages has been completed. The contents of the 'What's New?' pages for 2017 - 2010 have been integrated into the site at large with most materials being placed in the following pages/sections (Some editing has been done, more pages need to be edited for better organization, elimination of redundant expositions, consolidation of closely related topics.):

The short (and sometimes somewhat longer) descriptive paragraphs for individual suttas have been incorporated into the Sutta Index listings. Noted in detail below.

Longer discussions relating to the analysis of specific suttas are now located under the Dhammatalk Forum Heading: Dhammatalk, Sutta Vibangha: Sutta Analysis

Essays on various subjects have been added to their relevant subject categories on the Forum. Some have had new pages created, some were added to existing threads.

Short quotes from the suttas have been placed in the ever-popular 'One-Liners' section.

Inspiring quotes from outside the Dhamma have been placed under a new topic-head in the Dhammatalk Forum: Inspirational and (hopefully) Thought Provoking Quotations and Short Essays from Outside the Strictly Buddhist Literature.



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