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Index of the Suttas of the
Aŋguttara Nikāya


Index of Sutta Indexes


Aŋguttara Nikāya

PTS: Aŋguttara Nikāya, The html formatted Pali Text Society edition of the Pali text.
Volume IV Tens and Elevens, ed. by E. Hardy, London: Pali Text Society 1900.

BJT: Aŋguttara Nikāya, The Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series Pali text.
Volume IV Tens and Elevens.

The Pali text for individual suttas listed below is adapted from the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series [BJT]. Pali vagga titles are links to this version of the Pali. Each translation is linked to it's Pali version and to the PTS, Olds and where available to the WP Bhk. Bodhi and ATI Bhk. Thanissaro translation, and each of these is in turn linked back to each of the others. Much, but not all the Pali has been checked against the Pali Text Society edition, and many of the suttas have been reformatted to include the original Pali (and/or organizational) phrase and sentence breaks.

PTS: The Book of the Gradual Sayings or More-Numbered Suttas
ATI: Translations of Bhikkhu Thanissaro and others originally located on Access to Insight
WP: The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha, Bhikkhu Bodhi translation
BD: The M. Olds translations

10. Dasaka Nipāta V.1

PTS: The Book of the Tens
ATI: Book of the Tens
WP: The Book of the Tens

I. Ānisaɱsa-Vagga, V.

PTS: Profit, V.1
WP: Benefits, 1339

#1. Kim Atthiya? Suttaɱ, V.1

PTS: What is the object?, V.1
BD: What's the Point? Olds, trans.
WP: What Purpose? 1339

#2. Cetanākaraṇīya Suttaɱ, V.2

PTS: Thinking with Intention, V.3
WP: Volition, 1340

#3. Paṭhama Upanisa Suttaɱ, V.4

PTS: Basis a (by the Teacher), V.4
WP: Virtuous Behavior, 1341

#4. Dutiya Upanisa Suttaɱ, V.5

PTS: Basis b (by Sariputta), V.6
WP: Proximate Cause, 1343

#5. Tatiya Upanisa Suttaɱ, V.6

PTS: Basis c (by Ananda), V.6
WP: Ānanda, 1343

#6. Samādhi Suttaɱ, V.7

PTS: Concentration a (by the Teacher), V.6
ATI: Concentration Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.
BD: High-getting, Olds, trans.
WP: Concentration, 1343

#7. Samādhi Suttaɱ, V.8

PTS: Concentration b (by Sariputta), V.7
ATI: With Sariputta Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.
WP: Sāriputta, 1344

#8: Saddha Suttaɱ, V.10

PTS: The Believer, V.8
WP: Faith, 1345

#9: Santa-Vimokkha Suttaɱ, V.11

PTS: The Blissful, V.9
WP: Peaceful, 1346

#10: Vijjā Suttaɱ, V.12

PTS: By knowing, V.9
WP: True Knowledge, 1347

II. Nātha-Vagga, V.15

PTS: Things Making for Warding, V.10
WP: Protector, 1348

#11: Senāsana Suttaɱ, V.15

PTS: Lodging, V.10
WP: Lodging, 1348

#12: Pañcaŋga Suttaɱ, V.16

PTS: Factors, V.12
WP: Five Factors, 1349

#13: Saɱyojana Suttaɱ, V.17

PTS: Fetters, V.13
ATI: Fetters
WP: Fetters, 1350

#14: Cetokhila Suttaɱ, V.17

PTS: Obstruction, V.13
WP: Mental Barrenness, 1350

#15: Appamāda Suttaɱ, V.21

PTS: Seriousness, V.16
ATI: Heedfulness
BD: Appamada, Olds, trans.
WP: Heedfulness, 1354

#16: Āhuneyya Suttaɱ, V.23

PTS: Worshipful, V.17
WP: Worthy of Gifts, 1355

#17: Paṭhama Nāthakaraṇa Suttaɱ, V.23

PTS: Warder a, V.18
ATI: Protectors
WP: Protector (1), 1355

#18: Dutiya Nāthakaraṇa Suttaɱ, V.25

PTS: Warder b, V.20
WP: Protector (2), 1356

#19: Paṭhama Āriyavāsa Suttaɱ, V.29

PTS: Ariyan Living a, V.21
WP: Abodes of the Noble Ones (1), 1359

#20: Dutiya Ariyavāsa Suttaɱ, V.29

PTS: Ariyan living b, V.21
ATI: Dwellings of the Noble Ones Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.
WP: Abodes of the Noble Ones (2), 1359

III. Mahā-Vagga, V.32

PTS: The Great Chapter, V.23
WP: The Great Chapter, 1362

#21: Sīhanāda Suttaɱ, V.32

PTS: The Lion, V.23
WP: The Lion, 1362

#22: Adhivuttipada Suttaɱ, V.36

PTS: Statements of doctrine, V.26
WP: Doctrinal Principles, 1364

#23: Kāya Suttaɱ, V.39

PTS: With body, V.26
WP: Body, 1365

#24: Mahā Cunda Suttaɱ, V.41

PTS: Cunda the Great, V.28
ATI: Cunda
WP: Cunda, 1367

#25: Kasiṇa Suttaɱ, V.46

PTS: The devices, V.31
BD: Kasiṇa, Olds translation
WP: Kasiṇas, 1370

#26: Kālī Suttaɱ, V.46

PTS: Kali, V.31
WP: Kāḷī, 1370

#27: Mahā-Pañha Suttaɱ, V.48

PTS: The Great Questions a, V. 33
WP: Great Questions (1), 1371

#28: Dutiya Mahā Pañha Suttaɱ, V.54

PTS: The Great Questions b, V.36
WP: Great Questions (2), 1376

#29: Paṭhama Kosala Suttaɱ, V.59

PTS: The Kosalan a, V.40
ATI: The Kosalan Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.
WP: Kosala (1), 1379

#30: Dutiya Kosala Suttaɱ, V.65

PTS: The Kosalan b, V.46
WP: Kosala (2), 1383

IV. Upāli-Vagga, V.70

PTS: Upali and Ananda, V.50
WP: Upāli, 1387

#31: Upāli Suttaɱ, V.70

PTS: Upali and the Obligation, V.50
WP: Upāli, 1387
WP: 32. Suspending, 1387

#32: Ubbāhikā Suttaɱ, V.71

PTS: Passing sentence, V.51
WP: 33. Adjudication, 1387

#33: Upasampadā Suttaɱ, V.72

PTS: Full ordination, V.52
WP: 34. Full Ordination, 1388

#34: Nisasaya Suttaɱ, V.73

PTS: Tutelage, V.52
WP: 35. Dependence, 1389
WP: 36. Novice, 1389

#35: Saŋghabheda Suttaɱ, V.73

PTS: Schism in the Order a, V.53
WP: 37. Schism (1), 1389

#36: Saŋghasāmaggi Suttaɱ, V.74

PTS: Harmony in the Order a, V.53
WP: 38. Schism (2), 1390

#37: Paṭhama Ānanda Saŋghabheda Suttaɱ, V.75

PTS: Schism in the Order b, V.54
WP: 39. Ānanda (1), (incorporates the next sutta) 1390

#38: Dutiya-Ānanda Saŋghabheda Suttaɱ, V.75 [BJT incorporates in the previous sutta]

PTS: Fruits of causing schism, V.54

#39: Paṭhama Ānanda Saŋghabheda Suttaɱ, V.76

PTS: Harmony in the Order b, V.54
WP: 40. Ānanda (2), (incorporates the next sutta) 1390

#40: Dutiya Ānanda Saŋghasāmaggi Suttaɱ, V.76 [BJT incorporates in the previous sutta]

PTS: Fruits of causing harmony in the Order, V.54

V. Akkosa-Vagga, V.77

PTS: Reviling, V.55
WP: Insults, 1390

#41: Vivāda Suttaɱ, V.77

PTS: Quarrels, V.54
WP: Disputes, 1391

#42: Paṭhama Vivādamūla Suttaɱ, V.78

PTS 42: Roots of quarrels a, V.55
WP: Roots (1), 1392

#43: Dutiya Vivādamūla Suttaɱ, V.78

PTS 43: Roots of quarrels b, V.55
WP: Roots (2), 1392

#44: Kusinārā Suttaɱ, V.79

PTS: At Kusinara, V.55
WP: Kusinārā, 1392

#45: Rājantepurappavesana Suttaɱ, V.81

PTS: Entering the royal court, V.57
WP: Entering, 1394

#46: Sakya Suttaɱ, V.83

PTS: Sakyans, V.59
ATI: To the Sakyans (on the Uposatha)
WP: Sakyans, 1395

#47: Mahāli Suttaɱ, V.86

PTS: Mahali, V.61
WP: Mahāli, 1398

#48: Dasadhamma Suttaɱ, V.87

PTS: Conditions, V.62
ATI: Ten Things, Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
Discourse on the Ten Dhammas, Piyadassi Thera, trans.
WP: Things, 1398

#49: Sarīraṭṭhadhamma Suttaɱ, V.88

PTS: Inherent in body, V.63
BD: Things of this Bone-Supported Corpse, Olds translation,
WP: Subsisting through the Body, 1399

#50: Bhaṇḍana Suttaɱ, V.88

PTS: Strife, V.63
WP: Arguments, 1399

VI. Sacitta-Vagga, V.92

PTS: One's Own Thoughts, V.66
WP: One's Own Mind, 1402

#51: Sacitta Suttaɱ, V.92

PTS: One's own heart a, (By the Master), V.66
ATI: One's Own Mind
WP: One's Own Mind, 1402

#52: Sāriputta Suttaɱ, V.94

PTS: One's own heart b, (By Sariputta), V.67
WP: Sāriputta, 1403

#53: Ṭhiti Suttaɱ, V.96

PTS: Standing Still, V.67
WP: Standstill, 1403

#54: Samatha Suttaɱ, V.98

PTS: Peace of heart, V.68
ATI: With Regard to Tranquility, Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: Serenity, 1404

#55: Parihāna Suttaɱ, V.102

PTS: Waning, V.70
WP: Decline, 1407

#56: Paṭhama Saññā Suttaɱ, V.105

PTS: Ideas a, V.71
BD: Perceptions, Olds, trans.
WP: Perceptions (1), 1409

#57: Dutiya Saññā Suttaɱ, V.106

PTS: Ideas b, V.72
BD: Perceptions 2, Olds, trans.
WP: Perceptions (2), 1409

#58: Mūla Sutta, V.106

PTS: Rooted in the Exalted One, V.72
ATI: Rooted, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trams.
BD: The Root
WP: Roots, 1410

#59: Pabbajjā Suttaɱ, V.107

PTS: Forthgoing, V.73
WP: Going Forth, 1410

#60: Girimānanda Suttaɱ, V.108

PTS: Girimananda, V.74
ATI: To Girimananda, Piyadassi Thera, trans.
ATI: To Girimananda, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.
WP: Girimānanda, 1411

VII. Yamaka-Vagga, V.113

PTS: The Pairs, V.78
WP: Pairs, 1415

#61: Avijjā Suttaɱ, V.113

PTS: Ignorance, V.78
WP: Ignorance, 1415

#62: Taṇhā Suttaɱ, V.116

PTS: Craving, V.80
WP: Craving, 1418

#63: Niṭṭhaŋgata Suttaɱ, V.119

PTS: The goal, V.81
WP: Certainty, 1419

#64: Aveccappasanna Suttaɱ, V.120

PTS: Unwavering, V.81
WP: Unwavering, 1419

#65: Paṭhama Sukha Suttɱ, V.120

PTS: Weal and woe a, V.82
ATI: First Discourse on the Pleasant K. Nizamis, trans.
WP: Happiness (1), 1420

#66: Dutiya Sukha Suttaɱ, V.121

PTS: Weal and woe b, V.83
ATI: Second Discourse on the Pleasant K. Nizamis, trans.
WP: Happiness (2), 1420

#67: Paṭhama Naḷakapāna Suttaɱ, V.122

PTS: At Nalakapana a, V.83
WP: Naḷakapāna (1), 1421

#68: Dutiya Naḷakapāna Suttaɱ, V.125

PTS: Nalakapana b, V.85
WP: Naḷakapāna (2), 1421

#69: Paṭhama Kathāvatthu Suttaɱ, V.128

PTS: Topics of talk a, V.86
ATI: Topics of Conversation Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.
BD: Topics of Talk, Olds, trans.
WP: Topics of Discussion (1), 1424

#70: Dutiya Kathāvatthu Suttaɱ,, V.129

PTS: Topics of talk b, V.88
ATI: Topics of Conversation (2) Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.
WP: Topics of Discussion (2), 1425

VIII. Ākaŋkha-Vagga, V.131

PTS: On Wishes, V.89
WP: Wish, 1426

#71: Ākaŋkheyya Suttaɱ, V.131

PTS: Wishing, V.89
ATI: Wishes
WP: Wish, 1426

#72: Kaṇṭaka Suttaɱ, V.133

PTS: The thorn (in the flesh), V.91
WP: Thorns, 1428

#73: Iṭṭhadhamma Suttaɱ, V.135

PTS: Desirable, V.92
WP: Wished For, 1429

#74: Vaḍḍha Suttaɱ, V.137

PTS: Growth, V.93
WP: Growth, 1430

#75: Migasālā Suttaɱ, V.137

PTS: Migasālā, V.94
WP: Migasāla, 1430

#76: Tayodhamma Suttaɱ, V.144

PTS: Unable to Grow, V.99
WP: Incapable, 1434

#77: Kāka Suttaɱ, V.149

PTS: The Crow, V.101
WP: The Crow, 1439

#78: Nigaṇṭha Suttaɱ, V.150

PTS: The Unclothed, V.101
WP: The Nigaṇṭhas, 1439

#79: Āghātavatthu Suttaɱ, V.150

PTS: Occasions of ill-will, V.102
WP: Grounds (1), 1439

#80: Āghātapaṭivinaya Suttaɱ, V.150

PTS: Ways of checking ill-will, V.
ATI: Hatred
WP: Grounds (2), 1440

IX. Thera-Vagga, V.151

PTS: The Elders, V.103
WP: The Elders, 1440

#81: Bāhuna Suttaɱ, V.151

PTS: Bāhuna, V.103
ATI: To Bahuna
BD: Old Man Bāhuna
WP: Bāhuna, 1440

#82: Ānanda Suttaɱ, V.152

PTS: Ananda, V.103
WP: Ānanda, 1441

#83: Puṇṇiya Suttaɱ, V.154

PTS: Puṇṇiya, V.104
WP: Puṇṇiya, 1441

#84: Vyākaraṇa Suttaɱ, V.155

PTS: Declaration of Gnosis, V.105
WP: Declaration, 1442

#85: Katthi Suttaɱ, V.157

PTS: The Boaster, V.106
WP: The Boaster, 1444

#86: Adhimāna Suttaɱ, V.161

PTS: The Question of Gnosis, V.108
WP: Final Knowledge, 1446

#87: Adhikaraṇika Suttaɱ, V.164

PTS: Kālaka the monk, V.110
WP: Disciplinary Issues, 1449

#88: Akkosaka Suttaɱ, V.169

PTS: Disaster (a), V.112
WP: One Who Insults, 1452

#89: Kokālika Suttaɱ, V.170

PTS: The Kokalikan, V.113
WP: Kokālika, 1452

#90: Khīṇāsavabala Suttaɱ, V.174

PTS: The Powers, V.
WP: Powers, 1455

X. Upāsaka-Vagga, V.176

PTS: The Lay-Followers, V.119
WP: Upāli, 1456

#91: Kāmabhogī Suttaɱ, V.176

PTS: Pleasures of Sense, V.119
WP: One Who Enjoys Sensual Pleasures, 1456

#92: Bhaya Suttaɱ, V.182

PTS: Guilty Dread, V.124
ATI: Animosity
WP: Enmity, 1462

#93: Kiɱdiṭṭhika Suttaɱ, V.185

PTS: View, V.127
ATI: Views
WP: View, 1464

#94: Vajjiyamāhita Suttaɱ, V.189

PTS: Vajjiyamahita, V.130
ATI: About Vajjiya
WP: Vajjiyamāhita, 1467

#95: Uttiya Suttaɱ, V.193

PTS: Uttiya, V.133
ATI: To Uttiya
WP: Uttiya, 1470

#96: Kokanada Suttaɱ, V.196

PTS: Kokanuda, V.135
ATI: To Kokanuda (On Viewpoints)
WP: Kokanada, 1472

#97: Āhuneyya Suttaɱ, V.198

PTS: Worshipful, V.137
WP: Worthy of Gifts, 1473

#98: Thera Suttaɱ, V.201

PTS: The Elder Monk, V.139
WP: An Elder, 1475

#99: Upāli Suttaɱ, V.201

PTS: Upāli, V.140
ATI: To Upāḷi Bhikkhu Thanissaro translation
WP: Upāli, 1476

#100: Bhabbābhabba Suttaɱ, V.209

PTS: Unfit to Grow, V.147
WP: Incapable, 1482

XI. Samaṇasaññā-Vagga, V.210

PTS: Ideas of a Recluse, V.148
WP: An Ascetic's Perceptions, 1483

#101: Samaṇasaññā Suttaɱ, V.210

PTS: Ideas, V.148
WP: An Ascetic's Perceptions, 1483

#102: Bojjhaŋga Suttaɱ, V.211

PTS: Limbs of wisdom, V.148
WP: Factors of Enlightenment, 1483

#103: Micchatta Suttaɱ, V.211

PTS: Wrongness, V.149
ATI: Wrongness Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: The Wrong Course, 1484

#104: Bīja Suttaɱ, V.212

PTS: The Seed, V.150
ATI: The Seed Bhk. Thanissaro, trans.
WP: A Seed, 1485

#105: Vijjā Suttaɱ, V.214

PTS: By knowledge, V.151
WP: True Knowledge, 1486

#106: Nijjara Suttaɱ, V.215

PTS: Causes of Wearing Out, V.151
WP: Wearing Away, 1486

#107: Dhovana Suttaɱ, V.216

PTS: The Ablution, V.152
WP: Dhovana, 1488

#108: Tikicchaka Suttaɱ, V.218

PTS: Physic, V.153
ATI: A Purgative
WP: Physicians, 1489

#109: Vamana (Niddhamanaɱ) Suttaɱ, V.219

PTS: Ejection, V.154
WP: Emetic, 1490

#110: Niddhamaniya Suttaɱ, V.220

PTS: To be Ejected, V.154
WP: Ejected, 1491

#111: Paṭhama Asekha Suttaɱ, V.221

PTS: Adept a, V.154
WP: One Beyond Training (1), 1491

#112: Dutiya Asekha (Asekhiyadhamma) Suttaɱ, V.222

PTS: Adept b, V.154
WP: One Beyond Training (2), 1492

XII. Paccorohaṇi-Vagga, V.222

PTS: The Descent, V.155
WP: Paccorohaṇī, 1492

#113: Paṭhama Adhamma Suttaɱ, V.222

PTS: Not-dhamma a, V.155
WP: Non-Dhamma (1), 1492

#114: Dutiya Adhamma Suttaɱ, V.223

PTS: Not-aim b, V.155
WP: Non-Dhamma (2), 1493

#115: Tatiya Adhamma Suttaɱ, V.224

PTS: Not-dhamma c, V.156
WP: Non-Dhamma (3), 1494

#116: Ajita Suttaɱ, V.229

PTS: Ajita, V.159
WP: Ajita, 1497

#117: Saŋgārava Suttaɱ, V.232

PTS: Sangarava a, V.160
WP: Saṅgārava, 1499

#118: Orimatīra Suttaɱ, V.233

PTS: Hither and further shore a, V.161
WP: Near, 1500

#119: Paṭhama Paccorohaṇī Suttaɱ, V.233

PTS: The Ariyan Descent a, V.161
WP: Paccorohaṇī (1), 1500

#120: Dutiya Paccorohaṇī Suttaɱ, V.236

PTS: The Ariyan descent b, V.163
WP: Paccorohaṇī (2), 1502

#121: Pubbaŋgama Suttaɱ, V.236

PTS: The harbinger, V.164
WP: Forerunner, 1503

#122: Āsavakkhaya Suttaɱ, V.237

PTS: Cankers, V.164
WP: Taints, 1503

XIII. Parisuddha-Vagga, V.

PTS: Perfect Purity, V.165
WP: Purified, 1503

#123: Paṭhama Suttaɱ, V.237

PTS: States of Perfect Purity, V.165
WP: First, 1503

#124: Dutiya Suttaɱ, V.237

PTS: States Not Yet Arisen, V.165
WP: Second, 1503

#125: Tatiya Suttaɱ, V.238

PTS: States of Great Fruit, V.165
WP: Third, 1503

#126: Catuttha Suttaɱ, V.238

PTS: Ending in Restraint, V.165
WP: Fourth, 1504

#127: Pañcama Suttaɱ, V.238

PTS: Conducive, V.165
WP: Fifth, 1504

#128: Chaṭṭhama Suttaɱ, V.238

PTS: Made to Grow a, V.166
WP: Sixth, 1504

#129: Sattama Suttaɱ, V.239

PTS: Made to Grow b, V.166
WP: Seventh, 1504

#130: Aṭṭhama Suttaɱ, V.239

PTS: Made to Grow c, V.166
WP: Eighth, 1504

#131: Navama Suttaɱ, V.239

PTS: Made to Grow d, V.166
WP: Ninth, 1504

#132: Dasama Suttaɱ, V.240

PTS: Wrong, V.166
WP: Tenth, 1505

#133: Ekādasama Suttaɱ, V.240

PTS: Right, V.166
WP: Eleventh, 1505

XIV. Sādhu-Vagga, V.240

PTS: The Seemly a, V.167
WP: Good, 1505

#134: Sādhu Suttaɱ, V.240

PTS: Right and Wrong, V.167
WP: Good, 1505

#135: Ariyadhamma Suttaɱ, V.241

PTS: Ariyan and unariyan, V.167
WP: 135-144. The Noble Dhamma, Etc., 1505

#136: Kusala Suttaɱ, V.241

PTS: Good and Bad, V.167
WP: 135-144. The Noble Dhamma, Etc., 1505

#137: Attha Suttaɱ, V.241

PTS: Aim and Not-aim, V.167

#138: Dhamma Suttaɱ, V.242

PTS: Dhamma and Not-dhamma, V.167

#139: Sāsava Suttaɱ, V.242

PTS: With Cankers and Without, V.167

#140: Sāvajja Suttaɱ, V.242

PTS: Blameworthy and Blameless, V.168

#141: Tapanīya Suttaɱ, V.243

PTS: Remorse and Not-remorse, V.168

#142: Ācayagāmī Suttaɱ, V.243

PTS: Given to Heaping Up and Diminishing, V.168

#143: Dukkhudraya Suttaɱ, V.243

PTS: Yielding Pain and Pleasure, V.168

#144: Dukkhavipāka Suttaɱ, V.244

PTS: Pain and Pleasure, V.168

XV. Ariyamagga-Vagga, V.244

PTS: The Ariyan Way a, V.168
WP: Noble 1506

#145: Ariyamagga Suttaɱ, V.244

PTS: Ariyan and Unariyan, V.168
WP: The Noble Path, 1506

#146: Sukkamagga Suttaɱ, V.244

PTS: Bright Way and Dark Way, V.168
WP: 146-54. The Dark Path, 1506

#147: Saddhamma Suttaɱ, V.245

PTS: True Dhamma and False Dhamma, V.169

#148: Sappurisa-dhamma Suttaɱ, V.245

PTS: Very-man Dhamma and Its Opposite, V.169

#149: Uppādetabba Suttaɱ, V.245

PTS: To Be Brought About, V.169

#150: Āsevitabba Suttaɱ, V.246

PTS: To Be Followed, V.169

#151: Bhāvetabba Suttaɱ, V.246

PTS: To Be Made to Grow, V.169

#152: Bahulīkāttabba Suttaɱ, V.246

PTS: To Be Made Much Of, V.169

#153: Anussaritabba Suttaɱ, V.247

PTS: To Be Remembered, V.169

#154: Sacchikātabba Suttaɱ, V.247

PTS: To Be Realized, V.169

XVI. Puggala-Vagga V.247

PTS: Persons a, V.170
WP: Persons, 1507

#155: Sevitabba Suttaɱ, V.247

PTS: 155: Not To Be Followed, V.170

WP: Associated With, 1507

#156-166, V.248
156: Bhajitabbādi Suttaɱ
157: Payirupāsitabba Suttaɱ
158: Pujja Suttaɱ
159: Pāsaɱsa Suttaɱ
160: Sagārava Suttaɱ
161: Sappatissa Suttaɱ
162: Ārādhaka Suttaɱ
163: Visujjhati Suttaɱ
164: Mānaɱ Adhibhoti Suttaɱ
165: Paññāya Vaḍḍhati Suttaɱ
166: Bahuɱ Puññaɱ Pasavati Suttaɱ

PTS: Various Persons: V.170
156: Not To Be Associated With
157: Should Not Be Cultivated
158: Should Not Be Venerated
159: Is Not Praisworthy
160: Is Not Respected
161: Is Not Shown Deference
162: Is Not Successful
163: Is Not Purified
164: Does Not Conquer Pride
165: Does Not Grow in Insight
166: Works Much Demerit

WP: 156-166. Resort, Etc., 1507

XVII. Jāṇussoṇi-Vagga, V.249

PTS: Janussoni, V.171
WP: Jāṇussoṇī, 1507

#167: Brāhmaṇa Paccorohaṇī Suttaɱ, V.249

PTS: The Ariyan Descent c, V.171
WP: Paccorohaṇī (1), 1507

#168: Ariya Paccorohaṇī Suttaɱ, V.251

PTS: The Ariyan descent d, V.172
WP: Paccorohaṇī (2), 1509

#169: Saŋgāravo Suttaɱ, V.252

PTS: Saŋgāravo b, V.172
WP: Saṅgārava, 1510

#170: Orimatīra Suttaɱ, V.253

PTS: Hither and Further Shore b, V.172
WP: The Near Shore, 1511

#171: Paṭhama Adhamma Suttaɱ, V.254

PTS: Dhamma and Not-dhamma d, V.173
WP: Non-Dhamma (1), 1511

#172: Dutiya Adhamma Suttaɱ, V.255

PTS: Dhamma and not-dhamma e, V.173
WP: Non-Dhamma (2), 1512

#173: Tatiya Adhamma Suttaɱ, V.260

PTS: Dhamma and Not-dhamma f, V.174
WP: Non-Dhamma (3), 1516

#174: Kammanidāna Suttaɱ, V.261

PTS: Due to Lust, Malice and Delusion, V.174
WP: Causes of Kamma, 1517

#175: Saparikkamana Suttaɱ, V.262

PTS: All-round Approach, V.175
WP: Avoidance, 1517

#176: Cunda Suttaɱ, V.263

PTS: Cunda the Silversmith, V.175
ATI: To Cunda the Silversmith
WP: Cunda, 1518

#177: Jāṇussoṇī Suttaɱ, V.269

PTS: Jāṇussoṇi, V.180
ATI: To Janussoni (On offerings to the Dead), Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.
WP: Jāṇussoṇī, 1523

XVIII. Sādhu-Vagga, V.273

PTS: The Seemly b, V.184
WP: Good, 1526

#178: Sādhu Suttaɱ, V.273

PTS: Right and Wrong, V.184
WP: 134. Good, 1505

#179: Ariyadhamma Suttaɱ, V.274

PTS: Ariyan and unariyan, V.184
WP: 135-144. The Noble Dhamma, Etc., 1505

#180: Kusala Suttaɱ, V.274

PTS: Good and Bad, V.184
WP: 135-144. The Noble Dhamma, Etc., 1505

#181: Attha Suttaɱ, V.275

PTS: Aim and Not-aim, V.184

#182: Dhamma Suttaɱ, V.275

PTS: Dhamma and Not-dhamma, V.184

#183: Sāsava Suttaɱ, V.275

PTS: With Cankers and Without, V.184

#184: Sāvajja Suttaɱ, V.276

PTS: Blameworthy and Blameless, V.184

#185: Tapanīya Suttaɱ, V.276

PTS: Remorse and Not-remorse, V.184

#186: Ācayagāmī Suttaɱ, V.276

PTS: Given to Heaping Up and Diminishing, V.184

#187: Dukkhudraya Suttaɱ, V.277

PTS: Yielding Pain and Pleasure, V.184

#188: Dukkhavipāka Suttaɱ, V.277

PTS: Pain and Pleasure, V.184

WP: 179-188. The Noble Dhamma, 1526

XIX. Ariyamagga-Vagga V.278

PTS: The Aryan Way b, V.184
WP: Noble Path, 1527

#189: Ariyamagga Suttaɱ, V.278

PTS: Ariyan and Unariyan, V.168
WP: 189. The Noble Path, 1527

#190: Sukkamagga Suttaɱ, V.278

PTS: Bright Way and Dark Way, V.168
WP: 190-198. The Dark Path, Etc. 152

#191: Saddhamma Suttaɱ, V.278

PTS: True Dhamma and False Dhamma, V.169

#192: Sappurisadhamma Suttaɱ, V.279

PTS: Very-man Dhamma and Its Opposite, V.169

#193: Uppādetabba Suttaɱ, V.279

PTS: To Be Brought About, V.169

#194: Āsevitabba Suttaɱ, V.246

PTS: To Be Followed, V.169

#195: Bhāvetabba Suttaɱ, V.279

PTS: To Be Made to Grow, V.169

#196: Bahulīkāttabba Suttaɱ, V.280

PTS: To Be Made Much Of, V.169

#197: Anussaritabba Suttaɱ, V.280

PTS: To Be Remembered, V.169

#198: Sacchikātabba Suttaɱ, V.281

PTS: To Be Realized, V.169

XX. Puggala [Aparapuggala] -Vagga V.281

PTS: Persons b, V.185
WP: Another Chapter on Persons, 1527

#199: Sevitabbādi Dvādasa Suttāni, V.281

PTS: Not to be followed, etc, (Consisting of twelve parts) V.185
WP: 199. Associate With, 1527
WP: 200-210. Resort, Etc., 1528

XXI. Karajakāya-Vagga, V.283

PTS: The Body Born of Deeds, V.185
WP: The Deed-Born Body, 1527

#200: Paṭhama Niraya Suttaɱ, V.283

PTS: Purgatory and Heaven a, V.185
WP: 211. Hell (1), 1528

#201: Dutiya Niraya Suttaɱ, V.285

PTS: Purgatory and heaven b, V.185
WP: 212. Hell (2), 1531

#202: Mātugāma Suttaɱ, V.286

PTS: Womenfolk, V.186
WP: 213. Women, 1532

#203: Upāsikā Suttaɱ, V.287

PTS: Woman Lay-follower, V.186
WP: 214. Female Lay Follower, 1532

#204: Visārada Suttaɱ, V.288

PTS: Diffident and Confident, V.186
WP: 215. Self-Confidence, 1532

#205: Saɱsappaniyapariyāya Suttaɱ, V.288

PTS: Dhamma-teaching on Crookedness, V.186
WP: 216. Creeping, 1532

#206: Paṭhama Sañcetanika Suttaɱ, V.292

PTS: Ruin and prosperity a, V.189
WP: 217. Volitional (1), 1535

#207: Dutiya Sañcetanika Suttaɱ, V.297

PTS: Ruin and prosperity b, V.192
WP: 218. Volitional (2), 1540

#208: Karajakāya Suttaɱ, V.299

PTS: The Brahma-moods, V.192
ATI: The Sublime Attitudes, Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans.
BD: The Deed-Born Body Olds translation
WP: 219. The Deed-Born Body, 1541

#209: Adhammacariyā Suttaɱ, V.301

PTS: After death a, V.195
WP: 220. Conduct Contrary to the Dhamma, 1543

XXII. Sāmañña-Vaggo [PTS has no title] V.303

PTS: Characteristics, V.197
WP: Similarity, 1543

#210: Paṭhama Suttaɱ, V.303

PTS: Ten Qualities, V.197
WP: 221. 1544

#211: Dutiya Suttaɱ, V.304

PTS: Twenty Qualities, V.197
WP: 222. 1545

#212: Tatiya Suttaɱ, V.305

PTS: Thirty Qualities, V.197
WP: 223. 1545

#213: Catuttha Suttaɱ, V.306

PTS: Fourty Qualities, V.198
WP: 224. 1545

#214: Pañcamādi Suttāni, V.308

PTS: Uprooted, V.198
WP: 225-228. 1546

#215: [Untitled], V.308

PTS: After Death b, V.198
WP: 229-232. 1546

#216: [Untitled], V.309

PTS: Fool and Wise, V.198
WP: 233, 234-236. 1546

Lust and So Forth Repetition Series

#217: Paṭhama Rāgādi Peyyālaɱ & Dutiya Rāgādi Peyyālaɱ, V.309

PTS: Lust a, V.199
WP: 237, 238. 1547

#218: Tatiya Rāgādi Peyyālaɱ, V.310

PTS: Lust b, V.199
WP: 239. 1547

#219: Rāgādipeyyālaɱ 4-510, V.310

PTS: Lust, malice and the rest, V.199
WP: 240-266. 1547
267-746. 1548

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