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Index of the Suttas of the Saɱyutta Nikāya
Nidana Vagga
Dhātu Saɱyutta


Index of Sutta Indexes


II. Nidāna Vagga

PTS: Saɱyutta Nikāya Volume 2, Nidāna-Vagga ed. by M. Léon Feer, London: Pali Text Society 1888. The html formatted Pali Text Society edition of the Pali text.
BJT: Saɱyutta Nikāya Volume 2, Nidāna-Vagga The Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series Pali text.

The Pali text for individual suttas listed below is adapted from the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series [BJT], not from the PTS version.
Each translation is linked to it's Pali version and to the PTS, Sister Upalavanna, Olds and where available to the ATI Bhk. Thanissaro translation, and each of these is in turn linked back to each of the others. Many, but not all have been checked against the Pali Text Society edition, and many have been reformatted to include the original Pali (and/or organizational) phrase and sentence breaks.

PTS: The Kindred Sayings on Cause, translated by Mrs. Rhys Davids assisted by F.L. Woodward,
WP: The Book of Causation, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi
ATI: The translations of Bhikkhu Thanissaro and others originally located on Access to Insight.
BD: The translations of M. Olds
MNL: The trnslations of Sister Upalavanna.

III. Dhātu Saɱyutta, II.140

BD: It's Elementary Outline of Suttas 1-14, discussion
SN 2 14 1-10 Introduction
PTS: Kindred Sayings on Element, II.101
WP: Connected Discourses on Elements, II.627

I. Nānatta Vagga, II.140

Section I: Ajjhatta Pañcakaɱ

1. Dhātu Suttaɱ, II.140

PTS: Element, II.101
WP: Diversity of Elements, II.627
BD: Data

2. Samphassam Suttaɱ, II.140

PTS: Touching, II. 101
WP: Diversity of Contacts, II.627
BD: Impact

3. No ce tam Suttaɱ, II.141

PTS: And not in this way, II.102
WP: Not Diversity of Contacts, II.628
BD: Not If This

4. Paṭhama Vedana Suttaɱ, II.141

PTS: Feeling, II.102
WP: Diversity of Feelings, II.628
BD: Sensation 1

5. Dutiya Vedana Suttaɱ, II.142

PTS: Feeling 2, II.102
WP: Diversity of Feelings 2, II.629
BD: Sensation 2

Section II: Bahira Pañcakaɱ

6. Dhātu Suttaɱ, II.143

PTS: Element, II.103
WP: Diversity of External Elements, II.630
BD: Data

7. Saññā Suttaɱ, II.143

PTS: Perception, II.103
WP: Diversity of Perceptions, II.630
BD: Perception

8. No ce tam Suttaɱ, II.144

PTS: And not in this way, II. 103
WP: Not Diversity of Quests, II.631
BD: Not If This

9. Paṭhama Phassa Suttaɱ, II.146

PTS: Contact, II.104
WP: Diversity of External Contacts, II.632
BD: Impact 1

10. Dutiya Phassa Suttaɱ, II.147

PTS: Contact, II.104
WP: Diversity of External Contacts 2, II.633
BD: Impact 2


11. Sattimā Suttaɱ, II.149

PTS: These Seven, II.104
ATI: Seven Properties, Bhk., Thanissaro, trans.
WP: Seven Elements, II.634

12. Sanidāna Suttaɱ, II.151

PTS: With Causal Basis, II.105
WP: With a Source, II.635

13. Giñjakāvasatha Suttaɱ, II.153

PTS: Brick Hall, II.107
BD: Brick House, Olds trans.
WP: The Brick Hall, II.637

14. Hīnādhimutti Suttaɱ, II.154

PTS: Low Tastes, II.108
BD: Inclined to Flow Together or Birds of a Feather Flock Together, Olds trans.
WP: Inferior Disposition, II.638

15. Kamma Suttaɱ, II.155

PTS: Conduct, II.108
WP: Walking Back and Forth, 638

16. Sagātha Suttaɱ, II.157

PTS: [Sutta] with verses, II.109
WP: With Verses, II.640

17. Asaddha Suttaɱ, II.159

PTS: Unbelievers, II.110
WP: Lacking Faith, II.641

18. Asaddhamulaka Panca [Assaddhamulakatikapancaka] Suttaɱ, II.160

PTS: The Five based on 'Unbelievers', II.111
WP: Rooted in those Lacking Faith, II.641

19. Ahirikamulaka Catukka [Ahirikamūlakatikacatukka] Suttaɱ, II.162

PTS: The Four based on 'The Unconscientiousness', II.111
WP: Rooted in the Shameless, II.641

20. Anottāpamūlaka Tīni [Anottāpamūlakatikattaya] Suttaɱ, II.163

PTS: The Three based on 'The Indiscreet', II.111
WP: Rooted in those Unafraid of Wrongdoing, II.642

21. Appassutena Dvi [Appassutamūlakatikadvaya] Suttaɱ, II.164

PTS: The Two by the term 'The Uneducated,' II.111
WP: Rooted in the Unlearned, II.642

22. Kusītam [Kusītamulakatikeka] Suttaɱ, II.165

PTS: The Lazy II.111
WP: Rooted in the Lazy, II.643

III. Kammapatha Vaggo, II.166

23. Asamāhita Suttaɱ, II.166

PTS: The Unconcentrated, II.111
WP: Unconcentrated, II.643

24. Dussīla Suttaɱ, II.166

PTS: The Vicious, II.112
WP: Immoral, II.643

25. Pañca Sikkhāpadani Suttaɱ, II.167

PTS: The Five Moral Precepts, II.112
WP: The Five Training Rules, II.644

26. Satta Kammapatha Suttaɱ, II.167

PTS: The Seven Courses of Action, II.112
WP: Seven Courses of Kamma, II.644

27. Dasakammapatha Suttaɱ, II.167

PTS: The Ten Courses of Action, II.112
WP: Ten Courses of Kamma, II.644

28. Aṭṭhaŋgika Suttaɱ, II.168

PTS: The Eightfold, II.112
WP: The Eightfold Path, II.645

29. Dasaŋgika Suttaɱ, II.168

PTS: Ten Factors
WP: Ten Factors, II.645


30. Catudhātu Suttaɱ, II.169

PTS: The Four, II.113
WP: Four Elements, II.645

31. Pubba Suttaɱ, II.169

PTS: Before, II.113
WP: Before My Enlightenment, 645

32. Acarim [Assādapariyesana] Suttaɱ, II.171

PTS: I Walked, II.114
WP: I Set Out, II.646

33. Yo no cedaɱ [No cedaɱ] Suttaɱ, II.172

PTS: If There Were Not This, II.115
WP: If There Were No, 647

34. Dukkha [Dukkhalakkhaṇa] Suttaɱ, II.173

PTS: Pain, II.115
WP: Exclusively Suffering, II.648

35. Abhinandana Suttaɱ, II.175

PTS: Taking Delight In, II.116
BD: Free from Pain, Olds, trans.,
WP: Delight, II.648

36. Uppāda Suttaɱ, II.175

PTS: Uprising, II.116
WP: Arising, II.649

37. Samaṇabrāhmaṇa Suttaɱ, II.175

PTS: Recluses and Brahmins, II.117
WP: Ascetics and Brahmins, II.649

38. Dutiya Samaṇabrāhmaṇa Suttaɱ, II.176

PTS: Recluses and Brahmins 2, II.117
WP: Ascetics and Brahmins 2, II.649

39. Tatiya Samaṇabrāhmaṇa Suttaɱ, II.176

PTS: Recluses and Brahmins 3, II.117
WP: Ascetics and Brahmins 3, II.650

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