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Index to the Suttas of the Saɱyutta Nikāya
Mahā Vagga
Anuruddha Saɱyutta


Index of Sutta Indexes


V. Mahā Vagga

PTS: Saɱyutta Nikāya Volume 5, Mahā-Vagga ed. by M. Léon Feer, London: Pali Text Society 1898. The html formatted Pali Text Society edition of the Pali text.
BJT: Saɱyutta Nikāya Volume 5, Mahā-Vagga The Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series Pali text.

The Pali text for individual suttas listed below is adapted from the Sri Lanka Buddha Jayanti Tripitaka Series [BJT], not from the PTS version. Each translation is linked to it's Pali version and to the PTS, Olds and where available to the ATI Bhk. Thanissaro translation, and each of these is in turn linked back to each of the others. Many, but not all have been checked against the Pali Text Society edition, and many have been reformatted to include the original Pali (and/or organizational) phrase and sentence breaks.

PTS: The Great Chapter, translated by F.L. Woodward,
WP: The Great Book, translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi
ATI: The translations of Bhikkhu Thanissaro and others originally located on Access to Insight,
BD: The translations of M. Olds.

VIII. Anuruddha Saɱyutta, V.1

PTS: The Kindred Sayings about Anuruddha, V.261
WP: Connected Discourses with Anuruddha, II.1750

I. Rahogata Vagga, V.294

[1] Paṭhama Rahogata Suttaɱ, V.294

PTS: In Solitude (a), V.261
WP: Alone, II.1750

[2] Dutiya Rahogata Suttaɱ, V.296

PTS: In Solitude (b), V.263
WP: Alone 2, II.1752

[3] Sutanu Suttaɱ, V.297

PTS: Sutanu, V.263
WP: Sutanu, II.1753

[4] Paṭhama Kaṇṭakī Suttaɱ, V.298

PTS: Cactus Grove (a), V.264
WP: The Thornbush Grove, II.1754
BD: Cactus Forest I, Olds, trans.

[5] Dutiya Kaṇṭakī Suttaɱ, V.299

PTS: Cactus Grove (b), V.265
WP: The Thornbush Grove 2, II.1754
BD: Cactus Forest II, Olds, trans.

[6] Tatiya Kaṇṭakī Suttaɱ, V.299

PTS: Cactus Grove (c), V.265
WP: The Thornbush Grove 3, II.1755
BD: Cactus Forest III, Olds, trans.

[7] Taṇhakkhaya Suttaɱ, V.300

PTS: The Destruction of Craving, V.266
WP: The Destruction of Craving, II.1755

[8] Salalāgāra Suttaɱ, V.300

PTS: Sal-tree Hut, V.266
WP: The Salala-Tree Hut, II.1756

[9] Sabba or Ambapāla Suttaɱ, V.301

PTS: The All or Ambapali, V.267
WP: All, or Ambapali's Grove, II.1757

[10] Bāḷha-Gilāya or Gihīnaya or Gilāna Suttaɱ V.302

PTS: Grievously Afflicted, V.268
WP: Gravely Ill, II.1757
ATI: Illness, Bhikkhu Thanissaro, trans.

II. Sahassa Vaggo, V. 303

[11] Sahassa Suttaɱ, V.303

PTS: Thousandfold, V.269
WP: A thousand Aeons, II.1758

[12] Paṭhama Iddhi Suttaɱ, V.303

PTS: Psychic power a, V.269
WP: Spiritual Power, II.1758

[13] Dutiya Iddhi Suttaɱ, V.304

PTS: Psychic power b, V.269
WP: The Divine Ear, II.1759

[14] Cetoparicca Suttaɱ, V.304

PTS: Thought-reading, V.269
WP: Encompassing the Mind, II.1759

[15] Paṭhama Ṭhāna Suttaɱ, V.304

PTS: Causal occasion a, V.270
WP: The Possible, II.1759

[16] Dutiya Ṭhāna Suttaɱ, V.304

PTS: Causal occasion b, V.270
WP: The Undertaking of Kamma, II.1759

[17] Paṭipadā Suttaɱ, V.

PTS: Practice, V.270
WP: Leading Everywhere, II.1759

[18] Loka Suttaɱ, V.304

PTS: The world, V.270
WP: Diverse Elements, II.1759

[19] Nānādhimutti Suttaɱ, V.305

PTS: Of divers characters, V.270
WP: Diverse Dispositions, II.1760

[20] Indriya Suttaɱ, V.305

PTS: Faculty, V.270
WP: Degrees of the Faculties, II.1760

[21] Jhāna Suttaɱ, V.305

PTS: Trance, V.271
WP: The Jhanas, Etc, II.1760

[22] Paṭhama Vijjā Suttaɱ, V.305

PTS: Knowledge a, V.271
WP: Past Abodes, II.1760

[23] Dibbacakkhu [Dutiya Vijjā,] Suttaɱ V.305

PTS: Knowledge b, V.271
WP: The Divine Eye, II.1760

[24] Tatiya Vijjā Suttaɱ, V.305

PTS: Knowledge c, V.271
WP: The Destruction of the Taints, II.1761

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