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Index to Sutta Indexes

This index points to sub-indexes listing individual suttas. Every sutta is listed with a short descriptive paragraph and sometimes a more elaborate discussion. There is on this site 3 complete sets of the Pali; the Complete Pali Text Society translations of the four Nikayas and many of the lesser works; all the translations of Lord Chalmers, all the available translations of Bhikkhu Thanissaro, all the 'for-free-distribution' translations of Bhikkhu Bodhi, a number of miscellaneous translations, and all my translations — all interlinkked for easy cross-checking. What you have here is the core of what we have of what Gotama taught both in the Pali and in translation, often multiple translations, and in the majority unabridged such that many suttas are contained herein which have not been seen since these works were first put into writing.



An old piece of information known to me but unfortunately forgotten probably a few minutes after it was first read, has just returned to consciousness from my giving a re-reading to Rhys Davids, Buddhist India, pg. 168. There Rhys Davids points out that the term 'Suttanta' means 'end of the suttas' in our sense of 'the aim' or 'a summary', that is, compiled from smaller suttas. The suttantas are found in The Digha Nikaya and the Majjhima Nikaya. Since I have 'suspected' for many years that suttas of the Digha and some of those in the Majjhima Nikayas were compilations, I am very glad to see that this was not a matter of anyone trying to sneak these in pretending that they were originally uttered in the form we find them, but that the fact that they were compilations was being stated outright. On the other hand, there is no reason to think that these suttas were not compiled by Gotama himself.

p.p. explains it all — p.p.

Dīgha Nikāya: (T.W. Rhys Davids: The Long Dialogues of the Buddha; M. Walshe: The Long Discourses of the Buddha)

Volume 1: Suttas 1-13
Volume 2: Suttas 14-23
Volume 3: Suttas 24-34

Majjhima Nikāya: (Horner: The Middle Length Sayings of the Buddha; Chalmers: Further Dialogues of the Buddha; Bhk. Ñaṇamoli, Bhk. Bodhi, ed.: The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha)
Page numbers are for the PTS Pali Text.

1. Mūla-Paṇṇāsaɱ (The Root 50: Suttas 1-50) (pts vol I: p 1-338)
2. Majjhima-Paṇṇāsaɱ (The Middle 50: Suttas 51-100) (pts vol I: p 339-524; vol II: 1-213)
3. Upari-Paṇṇāsaɱ (The Final 50: Suttas 101-152) (pts Vol II: 214-266; Vol III: p 1-302)

Saɱyutta Nikāya: (Mrs. Rhys Davids, F.L. Woodward: The Book of the Kindred Sayings, Bhk. Bodhi: The Connected Discourses of the Buddha)

This collection is organized as:
Vagga = Volume (1-5)
   Saɱyutta (56 Chapters Consecutively numbered across the set) (1-56)
      Vagga (Chapters within Saɱyuttas; generally not used for identification)
          Sutta (Consecutively numbered within Saɱyutta)

The links below are to sub-indexes, one for each Vagga, listing the Saɱyuttas of that Vagga which then link, as per the above to individual Saɱyutta pages listing and linking to that Saɱyutta's Vaggas and Suttas.

1.( 1-11) Sagāthā-Vagga (With Cantos, Poetry, Verses)
2.( 12-21) Nidāna-Vagga (About Nidana, Causation)
3.( 22-34) Khandha-Vagga (On the Stockpiles, Elements of Existance, Aggregates)
4.( 35-44) Saḷāyatana-Vagga (On the Sense Realm, Six Sense Bases)
5.( 45-56) Mahā-Vagga (The Great Collection)

Aŋguttara Nikāya: (F.L. Woodward, E.M. Hare: The Book of the Gradual Sayings; Bhk. Bodhi: The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha)
Page numbers are for the PTS Pali Text.

[PTS Volume I]
Ekanipāta (Ones) (p 1-46)
Dukanipāta (Twos) (p 47-100)
Tikanipāta (Threes) (p 101-299)
[PTS Volume II]
Catukkanipāta (Fours)
[PTS Volume III]
Pancakanipāta (Fives) (p 1-278)
Chakkanipāta (Sixes) (p 279-452)
[PTS Volume IV]
Sattakanipāta (Sevens) (p 1-149)
Atthakanipāta (Eights) (p 150-350)
Navakanipāta (Nines) (p 351-466)
[PTS Volume V]
Dasakanipāta (Tens) (p 1-310)
Ekadasakanipāta (Elevens) (p 311-361)

Vinaya Piṭaka: Rules of the Order

Commentary and Secondary Works

Kuddhaka Pitaka

Udana A complete listing of all the suttas in the Udana with links to translations available digitally and page numbers for the PTS edition. Links to the Pali.
Sutta Nipāta
Theragāthā Index to the verses of the early bhikkhu community, usually declaring Arahantship. Biographical stories accompany the verses.
Therigāthā Index to the verses of the early bhikkhuni community, usually declaring Arahantship.Biographical stories accompany the verses. Here is a work which is highly recommended especially for those of you pretending to be feminists. Here is a bunch of women who are real men!
Jātaka Annotated index to the birth stories of the Buddha. The entire collection of The Pali Text Society translation of the Jataka Stories edited by Professor E.B. Cowell is available on this site.
Apadāna Legends of the Buddhist Saints (Apadana) is a collection of about six hundred autobiographical poems ascribed to the accomplished Buddhas and Arahants of the early Buddhist community. The author has asked that I make sure readers are aware that this is a work still in beta and that they should check from time to time for an updated work. [Contact info is on the copright page.

Abhidhamma Piṭaka

Dhammasaŋgaṇī: Buddhist Psychological Ethics
Vibhaŋga: The Book of Analysis
Dhātukathā: Discourse on Elements
Puggalapaññatti: A Designation of Human Types
Kathāvatthu: Points of Controversy
Tikapaṭṭhāna: Conditional Relations

Visuddhi Magga: pdfPath of Purification, Translated from the Pali by Bhikkhu Ñāṇamoli

Milindapañha, The Questions of King Milinda



Index of all available Bhikkhu Bodhi translations.
Index of all available Michael Olds translations.

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