Anguttara Nikaya

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Anguttara Nikāya
IV: Devatā-Vagga

The Book of the Gradual Sayings
The Book of the Sixes
Chapter IV: The Devas

Sutta 35

Vijjābhāgiya Suttaɱ

Parts of Wisdom

Translated from the Pali by E.M. Hare.

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[1][olds] Thus have I heard:

Once the Exalted One was dwelling near Sāvatthī,
at Jeta Grove,
in Anāthapiṇḍika's Park.

There the Exalted One addressed the monks, saying:


'Yes, lord,' they replied, and the Exalted One said:

'Monks, these six things are parts of wisdom.

What six?|| ||

The[1] idea of impermanence,
the idea of the ill
Ill in impermanence,
the idea of not-self in ill,
the idea of renunciation,
of dispassion,
of ending.

Monks, these six things are parts of wisdom.'


[1] D. iii, 283; A. iv, 24; on vijja-bhāgiyā see DhS. trsl. 338 n.

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