Anguttara Nikaya

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Anguttara Nikāya
Sattaka Nipāta

The Book of the
Gradual Sayings
The Book of the Sevens

Sutta 79

Satthusāsana suttaɱ

The Message

Translated from the Pali by E.M. Hare.

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[1][ati] Now the venerable Upali[1] came to the Exalted One,
saluted and sat down at one side.
So seated, he said:

"Well were it for me, lord,
if the Exalted One were to expound Dhamma briefly to me,
so that, having heard it,
I might abide resolute,
alone, secluded, earnest and zealous.'

'The doctrines, Upali,
of which you may know:
"These doctrines lead one
not to complete weariness[2] (of the world),
nor to dispassion,
nor to ending,
nor to calm,
nor to knowledge,
nor to the awakening,
nor to the cool"
— regard them definitely as not Dhamma,
not the discipline,
not the word of the Teacher.
But the doctrines of which you may know:
"These doctrines lead one
to complete weariness,
the awakening,
the cool"[3]
— regard them unreservedly as Dhamma,
the discipline,
the word of the Teacher.'


[1] Presumably the Upāli (there are several) who recited Vinaya rules at the first Council.

[2] The text reads -nibbidhāya for -nibbidāya.

[3] This is a stock phrase; see D. i, 189; ii, 251; A. i, 30; iii, 83; v, 216; Ud. 36, and passim.

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