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Saŋyutta Nikāya
I. Sagātha Vagga
6. Brahmā Saŋyutta

The Book of the Kindred Sayings
I. Kindred Sayings with Verses
6. The Brahmā Suttas

Translated by Mrs. Rhys Davids
Assisted by Sūriyagoḍa Sumangala Thera
Public Domain




Sutta 7

The Kokālikan




The Exalted One was once staying near Sāvatthī, at Jeta Grove, in Anāthapiṇḍika's Park,
meditating during the noonday heat.

Now two independent Brahmās, Subrahmā and Suddhavāsa, had come to see the Exalted One, and they waited one at each post of the door.

And in the presence of the Exalted One, Subrahmā spoke this verse concerning the Kokālikan brother[1]: —

Who can determine, who here understand,
When meas'ring him of whom measure there's none?
Clogged and confused the average man, methinks,
Who to th' illimitable limit lays.


[1] On the Kokālikan's libel see below, Ī 10.

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