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Seven More at Most

An individual who has become a Streamwinner is said to have seven more lives to live at most.

There is some controversy as to the exact meaning of this statement. Some say it means a literal seven more lifetimes, sometimes as a human, sometimes as a diety; never below the human [manusa] realm.

It is also possible, and in the context of what amounts to the most difficult quest in the world, reasonable, that the idea is a finite number of rebirths. Satta, meaning seven, is based on the idea of a large (over 3) finite number.

Both ideas leave more room for doubt than is the usual case in a doctrine of the Buddha.

But here we have a definition of Eight Sorts of ('real' or 'wise' or 'good') Men and what makes them so:

MAKE THE ARGUMENT THAT THE SEVEN REMAINING BIRTHS ARE THE STAGES FROM Enjoying the fruits of streamwinning to enjoying the fruits of Arahantship.




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