Latest archives

These files can be hosted on virtually any webserver 'as is' and can likewise be contemplated offline. The main archive (for example buddadust-19a27) contains a /resources/ directory where the other optional archives (such as e-pub, pdf, zip) should be expanded.

Git repository

The git repository, which contains all HTML and resources (except large EPUB, PDF, and ZIPs), was last updated 26 November, 2019, is publicly hosted on GitHub:

git clone


The zip archives (particularly nightly builds) are likely the latest versions of the BuddhaDust content. Zip archives may contain the full site, sans EPUB, PDF, and ZIP (ex or may contain only the latest text/HTML with no resources, not even images (ex or may contain only e-pub, pdf, or zip (with obvious names).

5 Dec 2019 (109M), (46M, text/html only. Contains no resources, such as images)
3 Dec (109M, text/html and additional images)
26 Nov (109M), (46M, text/html only. Contains no resources, such as images)
17 Nov (109M),
30 Oct (109M),
27 Oct (109M),
23 Oct (109M)
24 Sep (109M), (724M), (451M)
28 Aug 2019 (109M), (5M), (724M), (451M)