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The Pali is transliterated as Velthuis (aaiiuu.m'n~n.t.d.n.l). Alternatives:
[ ASCII (aiumnntdnl) | IAST Unicode (āīūṃṅñṭḍṇḷ) ]



Sensing, Intuitively Knowing


Mulapariyaya Resources
[MN 1]
PTS: Middle Length Sayings I, #1: Discourse on the Synopsis of Fundamentals, Horner, trans., pp 3.
WP: Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha: The Root of All Things, Bhikkhu Nanamoli and Bhikkhu Bodhi, trans., pp 83
Examining the Mulapariyaya - Analysis
The Root Sequence, Bhikkhu Thanissaro, translation of the Mulapariyaya

The Pali Line, The 10th Question: Knowing through Signs


Pali MO Hare Horner Punnaji Bodhi Rhys Davids (Mrs)Rhys Davids Thanissaro Walshe Woodward
Vi~n~naata intuiting the cognised the cognized the cognized



Pali Text Society
Pali English Dictionary
Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids and William Stede


vi~n~naata: [pp of vijaanaati] apperceived, (re)cognized, understood, cogitated, learned; vi~n~naatadhamma, one who has recognized or understood the Dhamma
vijaanaati [vi+j~na] to have discriminative (dis=vi) knowledge, to recognize, apprehend, ascertain, to become aware of, to understand, notice, perceive, distinguish, learn know.


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