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The Pali is transliterated as Velthuis (aaiiuu.m'n~n.t.d.n.l). Alternatives:
[ ASCII (aiumnntdnl) | Mobile (āīūŋńñţđņļ) | IAST Unicode (āīūṃṅñṭḍṇḷ) ]


Index to Sutta Indexes

Diigha Nikaaya: (T.W. Rhys Davids: The Long Dialogues of the Buddha; M. Walshe: The Long Discourses of the Buddha)

Volume 1: Suttas 1-13
Volume 2: Suttas 14-23
Volume 3: Suttas 24-34

Majjhima Nikaaya: (Horner: The Middle Length Sayings of the Buddha; Chalmers: Further Dialogues of the Buddha; Bhk. ~Na.namoli, Bhk. Bodhi, ed.: The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha)
Page numbers are for the PTS Pali Text.

1. Muula-Pa.n.naasa.m (The Root 50: Suttas 1-50) (pts vol I: p 1-338)
2. Majjhima-Pa.n.naasa.m (The Middle 50: Suttas 51-100) (pts vol I: p 339-524; vol II: 1-213)
3. Upari-Pa.n.naasa.m (The Final 50: Suttas 101-152) (pts Vol II: 214-266; Vol III: p 1-302)

Sa.myutta Nikaaya: (Mrs. Rhys Davids, F.L. Woodward: The Book of the Kindred Sayings, Bhk. Bodhi: The Connected Discourses of the Buddha)

This collection is organized as:
Vagga = Volume (1-5)
   Sa.myutta (56 Chapters Consecutively numbered across the set) (1-56)
      Vagga (Chapters within Sa.myuttas; generally not used for identification)
          Sutta (Consecutively numbered within Sa.myutta)

The links below are to sub-indexes, one for each Vagga, listing the Sa.myuttas of that Vagga which then link, as per the above to individual Sa.myutta pages listing and linking to that Sa.myutta's Vaggas and Suttas.

1.(s.m 1-11) Sagaathaa-Vagga (With Cantos, Poetry, Verses)
2.(s.m 12-21) Nidaana-Vagga (About Nidana, Causation)
3.(s.m 22-34) Khandha-Vagga (On the Stockpiles, Elements of Existance, Aggregates)
4.(s.m 35-44) Sa.laayatana-Vagga (On the Sense Realm, Six Sense Bases)
5.(s.m 45-56) Mahaa-Vagga (The Great Collection)

A'nguttara Nikaaya: (F.L. Woodward, E.M. Hare: The Book of the Gradual Sayings; Bhk. Bodhi: The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha)
Page numbers are for the PTS Pali Text.

[PTS Volume I]
Ekanipaata (Ones) (p 1-46)
Dukanipaata (Twos) (p 47-100)
Tikanipaata (Threes) (p 101-299)
[PTS Volume II]
Catukkanipaata (Fours)
[PTS Volume III]
Pancakanipaata (Fives) (p 1-278)
Chakkanipaata (Sixes) (p 279-452)
[PTS Volume IV]
Sattakanipaata (Sevens) (p 1-149)
Atthakanipaata (Eights) (p 150-350)
Navakanipaata (Nines) (p 351-466)
[PTS Volume V]
Dasakanipaata (Tens) (p 1-310)
Ekadasakanipaata (Elevens) (p 311-361)

Vinaya Pi.taka: Rules of the Order

Commentary and Secondary Works

Kuddhaka Pitaka

Sutta Nipaata

Abhidhamma Pi.taka

Dhammasa'nga.nii: Buddhist Psychological Ethics
Vibha'nga: The Book of Analysis
Dhaatukathaa: Discourse on Elements
Puggalapa~n~natti: A Designation of Human Types
Kathaavatthu: Points of Controversy
Yamaka: -
Tikapa.t.thaana: Conditional Relations
Dukapa.t.thaana: -

Milindapa~nha, The Questions of King Milinda

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