Anguttara Nikaya

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The Pali is transliterated as Velthuis (aaiiuu.m'n~n.t.d.n.l). Alternatives:
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Anguttara Nikaya
XX. Vaggo

The Book of the Gradual Sayings
The Book of the Fives
Chapter XX: The Braaman

Sutta 195

Pi'ngiyaanii Sutta.m

Braahman Pi'ngiyaanin

Translated by E. M. Hare

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[1] Thus have I heard:

The Exalted One was once dwelling near Vesaalii,
at the Gabled Hall,
in Mahaavana,
some five hundred Licchavis had gathered round to honour him.

And[1] some were dark, dark-skinned, in dark clothes clad, darkly adorned; and some were fair, fair-skinned, in fair clothes clad, fairly adorned; and some were ruddy, red-skinned, in russet clad, in red adorned; and some were white, pale-skinned, in white clothes clad, in white adorned; but of a truth the Exalted One, in grace and glory, outshone them all.

Now braahman Pingiyaanin rose from his seat, girt his upper robe about his shoulder, bent forth his outstretched hands to the Exalted One and said:

It[2] has been revealed to me, 0 Blessed One; it has been revealed to me, 0 Well-gone!'

'Speak thou that thing, Pingiyaanin said the Exalted One.

Then braahman Pingiyaanin extolled the Exalted One before his face in this same verse:[3]

Sweet tho' at dawn red lotus-lilies blow, 'Tis sweeter in full bloom their blossoms grow:
[175] Lo! see Angiirasa,[4] illuminant,
Like as the midday sun, all radiant.'[5]

Then those Licchavis presented braahman Pingiyaanin with five hundred upper robes and braahman Pingiyaanin presented them to the Exalted One.

Then said the Exalted One to those Licchavis:

'Five,[6] 0 licchavis, are the treasures rarely revealed in the world.

What five?

The Tathaagata, arahant, fully enlightened,[7] is rarely revealed in the world;
rare in the world is one able to teach the Tathagata-declared Dhamma-discipline;
rare is one able to recognize the teaching,
declared by the Tathagata;
rare is one who steps his way in Dhamma by Dhamma,
recognizing the teaching of the Tathagata-declared Dhamma-discipline;
rare in the world is a person grateful and thankful.

Verily, 0 Licchavis, these are the five treasures
rarely revealed in the world.'


[1] This is a stock passage; see D. ii, 96; Cf. A. iv, 263, of fairies.

[2] Sn. p. 79; S. i, 189.

[3] This verse recurs at S. i, 81 (K.S. i, 107); J. i, 116; Vism. 388. Vism trsl. misses the point of comparison, but see the story there.

[4] That is, the B.; our Comy. "Bhagavato a'nga-m-a'ngehi rasmiyo niccharanti, tasmaa angiiraso" ti vuccati¡ see Brethr. 251; Dial. iii, 189. Thomas' Life observes: 'descendant of Angiras' (p. 22). Rockhill gives the Tibetan version thus: 'and as they (the B.'s miraculously born ancestors) were "born from his loins" (the rishi Gautama's) they were called Angiirasas.' I have taken Bu.'s explanation. Cf. above, Ii 192.

[5] Cf. Thag. 426.

[6] Cf.. above, Ii 143.

[7] Sammaa-sambuddha.

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