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The Pali is transliterated as Velthuis (aaiiuu.m'n~n.t.d.n.l). Alternatives:
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Sa.myutta Nikaaya:
V. MahaaVagga
54. Aanaapaana Sa'nyutta

Kindred Sayings About
In-Breathing and Out-Breathing

Sutta 16

Bhikkhuu Sutta 2

Monks (b)

Translated by F. L. Woodward
Edited by Mrs. Rhys Davids

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[1][wp] THUS have I heard:

Once the Exalted One was staying near Saavatthii at Jeta Grove, in Anaathapi.n.dika's Park.

(Exactly the same as in Ii iv, down to p. 340 of text.)

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