Anguttara Nikaya


A'nguttara Nikaaya
X. Dasaka-Nipaata
IV. Upaali Vagga

The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha
X. The Book of the Tens
IV. Upaali

Sutta 33 (WP #34)

Upasampadaa Sutta.m

Full Ordination

Translated from the Pali by Bhikkhu Bodhi.

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[72] [1388]

[1][pts] "Bhante, how many qualities should a bhikkhu possess to give full ordination."

"A bhikkhu who possesses ten qualities, Upaali, may give full ordination.

What ten?

(1) Here, a bhikkhu is virtuous ... he trains in them.

(2) He has learnt much ... and penetrated well by view.

(3) Both Paatimokkha s have been well transmitted to him in detail, well analyzed, well mastered, well determined in terms of the rules and their detailed explication.

(4) He is able to look after a patient or to get someone else to look after him.

(5) He is able to eliminate one's dissatisfaction or to get someone else to eliminate it.

(6) He is able to use the Dhamma to dispel regrets that might arise [in his pupils].

(7) He is able to dissuade them, by way of the Dhamma, from erroneous views that have arisen.

(8) He is able to encourage them in the higher virtuous behavior.

(9) He is able to encourage them in the higher mind.

(10) He is able to encourage them in the higher wisdom.

A bhikkhu who possesses these ten qualities may give full ordination."

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