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The Pali is transliterated as Velthuis (aaiiuu.m'n~n.t.d.n.l). Alternatives:
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Sa.myutta Nikaaya
IV. Sa.laayatana Vagga
35: Sa.laayatana Sa.myutta
Pa~n~naasaka Dutiya
4. Channa Vagga

The Connected Discourses of the Buddha
IV. The Book of the Six Sense Bases
35: Connected Discourses on the Six Sense Bases
The Second Fifty
4. Channa

Sutta 92

Pa.thama Dvaya Sutta.m

The Dyad 1

Translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi

"OoBhikkhu Bodhi 2000., The Connected Discourses of the Buddha (Wisdom Publications, 2000)
This selection from The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: A Translation of the Sa.myutta Nikaaya by Bhikkhu Bodhi is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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[1][pts][olds] "Bhikkhus, I will teach you the dyad.

Listen to that. ...

"And what, bhikkhus, is the dyad?

The eye and forms, the ear and sounds, the nose and odours, the tongue and tastes, the body and tactile objects, the mind and mental phenomena.

This is called the dyad.

"If anyone, bhikkhus, should speak thus:

'Having rejected this dyad, I shall make known another dyad' - that would be a mere empty boast on his part.

If he was questioned he would not be able to reply and, further, he would meet with vexation.

For what reason?

Because, bhikkhus, that would not be within his domain."


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