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The Pali is transliterated as Velthuis (aaiiuu.m'n~n.t.d.n.l). Alternatives:
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Ratthapalas Faith

Ratthapala was named #1 of those who became homeless out of faith. Ratthapala's Story.

This is what he described as the 4 Teachings of the Buddha that he knew and saw for himself, that resulted in him in such faith:


1. Upaniiyati loko addhuvo

Upaniiyati: (MOZ PALI: UP PASS DOWN WHATSOEVER THIS; brought to; come to; brought to conclusion, end loko= (you know loco, no?) = location, World; locus a concentration; where beings tend to be reborn, here I am taking this to mean the World in the broadest sense: existing as any kind of a being in any kind of a world; addhuvo = not-true, unstable,

The World is fake, it comes to an End.

The meaning is explained by Ratthapala by way of the example of the fading away of one's abilities with age.


2. loko anabhissaro

Attaa.nno: as regards the self; anabhissaro: PED: only here an, without (abhi + issara) lord or protector.

There is no protector of the self in the World.

The meaning is explained by Ratthapala by way of one's inability to protect one's self from sickness.


3. Assako loko sabba'n pahaaya gamaniiyan

Assako: not owned by; sabba'n: all; gamaniiyan: done gone.

The World is not to be owned, everything is taken back. You can't take it with you.


4. Uuno loko atitto ta.nhaadaaso

Uuno: (PED: Lat. vanus, Goth. wans, Anglo Saxon, won = English want) wanting, deficient;
atitto: a + titto; finished, satiated;
ta.nhaadaaso: you know tanha, hunger/thirst.

The wanting of the World is an unslakable thirst.

The meaning is explained by Ratthapala by way of showing that a king always hungers for conquest.




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