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Indexes, Etcetera

There are several ways to look up information on this site.

The Dhamma-Vicaya Page provides an access point to what could be called the themes of Buddhist study. This includes introductory courses (there are several), an encapsulated version of the beginning part of 'The Pali Line' (a comprehensive introduction to the system) in graphic form, several sections dealing with major suttas that have almost reached "school" status, and there are, on this page, links to all the other sections on this site.


The Index of Indexes provides a Table of Contents to formal Indexes of which there are several:

A Sutta Index which lists every sutta of the Digha Nikaya, Majjhima Nikaya, Anguttara Nikaya, and Samyutta Nikaya providing information as to where information can be found for the original Pali, for translations found in the Wisdom Publications books, the Pali Text Society translations, the Pali, translations and discussions to be found on Access to Insight, on Buddhadust and elsewhere.

Index of Proper Names This is an Index to the names of the "Pre-eminant Ones" named in the Book of the Ones. Good, thorough biographies of each of the major characters to be found in the suttas compiled from the Pali Text Society's Dictionary of Pali Proper Names and Psalms of the Sisters and other sources. As time permits this will be expanded to make it a true index to the locations on BuddhaDust where individuals are cited.

The Glossology Now in a reasonably mature state this is in the form of a subject index / glossary / comparative vocabulary. Major concepts link to the individual terms used in those concepts, individual terms link back to the major terms of which they are componants, and both link to locations on this site where those terms are used. Tables of the translations of most well-known translators are given, and there are examples, definitions, references and discussions also included. In turn links throughout this site connect to these terms. This is a central tool for presenting the 'take' given here while at the same time providing resources for the student to compare with other translators and judge for himself.

Buddha's India. This index, map and information sheet contains information on the geography of "The Middle Country"; India at the Time of the Buddha. This is in the very early stages of development.

The Garden of Edan. Only in bare-bones shape at this time, this will be a section similar to Buddha's India, only this one for the flora and Fauna mentioned in the suttas.


The Links Page This is more than just a bunch of links. This is a carefully researched set of descriptions of and links to the most useful websites on early Buddhism out there.

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