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Sutta Resources

This section describes the Sutta Index. A listing of the various materials available in book form and on line on the suttas of the Digha Nikaya, Majjhima Nikaya, Samyutta Nikaya, and Anguttara Nikaya. There is a listing for every single named sutta. The first few volumes of the Anguttara Nikaya do not name/number individual suttas, but give names only to groups of suttas. I have followed this scheme in this index, but where individual suttas have been translated, or where there is some other reference to an individual sutta within a group, I have made a special entry for that sutta.

This section constitutes an "infrastructure" into which useful reference materials will be placed as discovered/created, etc.

These are Nikaya-wide tables of contents listing materials in the order of the suttas according to the Pali. Included are Pali transliterations, Sutta Translations, Sutta specific discussions, outlines, etc. All the suttas from Access to Insight are linked and this list is kept up to date. All the suttas and many of the sutta discussions available on BuddhaDust are linked. All of the Access to Insight and BuddhaDust translations are linked to each other and to the Pali.

The structure parallels the structure of the Pali Text Society edition of the Pali texts.

Sutta Resources

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A list of the Contents of the Nikayas with links or page numbers.


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