Sit Up Erect

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pp explains paliAt one time in New York City, in the Sheep Medow of Central Park, there used to be played out an unconscous mating game that I called "Big Monkey." In this game some attractive woman looking for a mate would arrive in the early afternoon and strip down to a bikini bathing suit and lie down to absorb the sun. Not long after that some male would arrive on the scene and would usually circle the woman once or twice drawing near. Then he would sit down facing the woman. Not long after he would usually lie down on his side. Other men would also arrive on the scene. If a new arrival noticed a man sitting erect, he would take his position further from the woman, if there was no male sitting erect he could come as close as he wished. At the end of the afternoon, towards the end of the day, if there were no men left sitting erect, the woman would get up and depart. If there was a man who had remained erect for some considerable period of time she would often strike up a conversation and leave with that man.
This is how you want to train yourself in sitting: "Let me not grow flaccid in my sitting until I am able to walk away with Nibbana."

-- P.P.