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Chanda Intent, Wishing, Wanting desire-to-do intention, desire desire desire, zeal zeal, desire Desire Desire Intention desire


Pali Text Society
Pali English Dictionary
Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids and William Stede


Chanda: [cp. Vedic and Sk. chanda, and skandh to jump]. 1. impulse, excitement; intention, resolution, will; desire for, wish for, delight in... -- A. As virtue: ... striving after righteousness...- ardent desire, zeal... -- B. As vice: Its nearest analogue in this sense is rāga (lust), e. g. ch. rāga dosa paṭigha D I.25... In this bad sense it is nearly the same as kāma...; kāmachanda: sensual desire...Kāye chanda "delight in the body" M I.500...bhave ch. (pleasure in existence)...; lokasmiṃ ch. (hankering after the world)...; methunasmiṃ (sexual desire)...- Ch. in this quality is one of the roots of misery... -- (b) the emancipation from ch. as necessary for the attainment of Arahantship. -- vigata- (free from excitement) and a- S I.111; III.7, 107, 190; IV.387; A II.173 sq.; D III.238;... 2. (in the monastic law) consent, declaration of consent (to an official act: kamma) by an absentee Vin I.121, 122....
-samādhi the (right) concentration of good effort, classed under the 4 iddhipādā with viriya-; citta- vīmaṃsā- D III.77; S V.268; A I.39...;


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