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The Gradual Course: Dana
ATI: The Path to Freedom A Self-guided Tour of the Buddha's Teachings (an anthology) Generosity
[AN 7.49]
ATI: Anguttara Nikaya VII.49 Dana Sutta Giving Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.
AN 6: Miss Hunt's 'Indexes to the Aṇguttara Nikāya' Dāna: Dāna, passim, aṭṭha, iv. 236. pañca, iv. 246. āmisa-º, dhamma-º, i. 91. kālaº, iii. 41. dānassa vipāko nibbattati, iv. 392 foll, dānūpapatti, aṭṭha, iv. 239 foll. dāne ānisaɱsā, iii. 41. petānaɱ ñātisālohitānaɱ upakappati, v. 269. (na) mahappbalaɱ, mahanisaṅsaɱ, iv. 60; 237 foll, paraɱ dānaɱ dadantaɱ vāreti ..., i. 161. ºvatthūni, aṭṭha, iv. 236. sandiṭṭhikaɱ dāna-phalaɱ, iii. 39; iv. 79. [a]sakkaccaɱ, [a]cittikatvā deti, iv. 392 foll, ºsaṅvibhāgarato, i. 150; 226; iii. 53; 313; 316; iv. 6; 266 foll; 271; v. 331; 336, [a]sappurisa, iii. 171 foll.; iv. 243.

Pali MO Hare Horner Punnaji Bodhi Nanamoli Rhys Davids (Mrs)Rhys Davids Thanissaro Walshe Woodward
Dāna Giving, Bound, Generosity Gifts, Giving Gift Giving Giving Giving generosity, gifts, giving giving gifts



Pali Text Society
Pali English Dictionary
Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids and William Stede


Dāna: [Ved. dāna, dā as in dadāti to give and in dāti, dyāti to deal out, thus: distribution...; cp. Gr. da/nos (present), Lat. damnum (E. damages); Gr. dw_ron, Lat. donum; also Ags. tīd (=E. tide, portion, i. e. of time), and tīma (=E. time)....(a) giving, dealing out, gift; almsgiving, liberality, munificence; esp. a charitable gift to a bhikkhu or to the community of bhikkhus, the Saṅgha... As such it constitutes a meritorious act...and heads the list of these, as enumerated in order, dānamaya puññaṃ, sīlamaya p., bhāvanāmaya p. viz. acts of merit consisting of munificence, good character and meditation...D III.218 ... (c) Constituents, qualities and characteristics of a dāna: 8 objects suitable for gifts form a standard set (also enumd as 10), viz. anna pāna vattha yāna mālā gandha-vilepana seyyāvasatha padīpeyya (bread, water, clothes, vehicle, garlands, scented ointment, conveniences for lying down and dwelling, lighting facility)... Eight ways of giving alms at D III.258= A IV.236, five ways...A III.171 sq.; eight sapp- at A IV.243. Five manners of almsgiving metaphorically for sīlas 1-5 at A IV.246... Five characteristics of a beneficial gift at A III.172... (d) Various passages showing practice and value of dāna: Vin I.236; D I.53...; II.356 sq....; A IV.392 sq....; D III.147 sq., 190 sq., 232;...; A I.91...; A I.161; III.41...; IV.60; 237 sq...., 392 sq....; V.269...; J I.8...; II.112..., III.52 (id.);... - adāna withholding a gift, neglect of liberality, stinginess...; cp. -sīla under cpds.: atidāna excessive almsgiving....
-agga...a house where alms or donations are given, a store-house of gifts, fig. a source or giver of gifts, a horn of plenty...
-ānisaṅsa praise of generosity...
-upakaraṇa means or materials for a gift...; object suitable for gifts, of which 8 or 10 are mentioned (see above Q)...;
-kathā talk or conversation about (the merit and demerit of) almsgiving...;
-dhamma the duty or meritorious act of bestowing gifts of mercy...;
-pati "lord of alms," master in liberality, a liberal donor...;
-puñña the religious merit of almsgiving or liberality (see above a)...;
-phala the fruit of munificence (as accruing to the donor)...;
-maya consisting in giving alms or being liberal (see above a)...


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