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MN 112


Pali MO Hare Horner Punnaji Bodhi Nanamoli Rhys Davids (Mrs)Rhys Davids Thanissaro Walshe Woodward Warren
Itthattāya It'n-n-at'n being such or so coming to any state of being coming to any state of being



Pali Text Society
Pali English Dictionary
Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids and William Stede


Itthatta:1 being here (in this world), in the present state of becoming, this (earthly) state (not "thusness" or "life as we conceive it", as Mrs. Rh. D. in K. S. I.177; although a confusion between ittha and itthaṃ seems to exist, see ittha); "life in these conditions" K.S. II.17; expld. by itthabhāva C. on S I.140 (see K.S. 318). - See also freq. formula A of arahatta. - D I.18, 84; A I.63; II.82, 159, 203...

Itthatta2 state or condition of femininity, womanhood, muliebrity.

Ittha...[the regular representative of Vedic ittha here, there, but preserved only in cpds. while the Pāli form is ettha] here, in this world (or "thus, in such a way"), only in cpd.
-bhāv' aññathā-bhāva such an (i. e. earthly) existence and one of another kind, or existence here (in this life) and in another form"...



Formula of Arahantship:
PED: A. khīṇā jāti vusitaṃ brahmacariyaṃ kataṃ karaṇīyaṃ na-paraṃ itthattāya "destroyed is (re-) birth, lived is a chaste life, (of a student) done is what had to be done, after this present life there is no beyond". Vin I.14, 35, 183; D I.84, 177, 203; M I.139; II.39; S I. 140; II.51, 82, 95, 120, 245; III.21, 45, 55, 68, 71, 90, 94, 195, 223; IV.2, 20, 35, 45, 86, 107, 151, 383; V.72, 90, 144, 222; A I.165; II.211; III.93; IV.88, 179, 302; V.155, 162...
MO: [In Freedom, Seeing Freedom, He knows he is free, and he knows:] "Left behind is birth [khīṇā jāti], done is duty's doing [kataṃ karaṇīyaṃ], lived is the best of lives [vusitaṃ brahmacariyaṃ], no more this side or that [n'aparaṃ], no more it'n and at'n [itthattāya], for me."


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