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high opinion of the self, pride, conceit, arrogance

Māna is one of the Saññojanas and one of the 'Taints' (nippapa). It is one of the principal obstacles to Arahantship.



[SN 4.43.23] The Buddha teaches the bhikhus about the 'out-of-the bad' and then gives them 45 paths to attaining the 'out-of-the bad'.

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Māna arrogance -?- -?- -?- -?- -?- Conceit DN 33.07 Conceit -?- Conceit Conceit


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Pali English Dictionary
Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids and William Stede

Māna [late Vedic and Epic Skanskrit māna, from man, original meaning perhaps "high opinions" (i.e. No. 2); hence "pride" (No. 1). definition of root see partly under māneti, partly under mināti] 1. pride, conceit, arrogance... . Māna is one of the Saññojanas. It is one of the principal obstacles to Arahantship. A detailed analysis of māna in tenfold aspect is given at Nd1 80 = Nd2 505; ending with definition "māno maññanā ... ketukamyatā" etc. (cp. Vbh 350 and see under mada). On term see also ... D III.234; S I.4; Sn 132, 370; 469, 537, 786, 889, 943, Dh 74, 150, 407; ... ("seyyo 'ham asmī ti" etc.). -asmi- pride of self, as real egoism D III.273. - 2. honour, respect J V.331 (+pūjā). Usually in compound bahumāna great respect... . Also as māni- in compounds with karoti: see mānikata. Cp. vi-, sam- -a-timāna pride and conceit, very great (self-) pride. or all kinds of conceit ... D III.86; Sn 245, 830, 862... . -atthe at Th 1, 214 read ma-natthe = mā anatthe.

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