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Yoga [Yoke, Yuga, Yujjhati]

Yoke, Fetter


Pali Text Society
Pali English Dictionary
Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids and William Stede


Yoga: [Vedic yoga, see etym. under yuga and yuñjati. Usually m.; pl. nt. yogāni occurs at D II.274 in meaning "bonds"] lit. "yoking, or being yoked," i. e. connection, bond, means; fig. application, endeavor, device. - 1. yoke, yoking (rare?) J VI.206 (meant here the yoke of the churning-sticks; cp. J VI.209). - 2. connection with (*-), application to; (natural) relation (i. e. body, living connection), association; also conjunction (of stars). mānusaka yoga the relation to the world of men (the human body), opp. dibba yoga: S I.35=60...association with: D III.176; application ... - 3. (fig.) bond, tie; attachment (to the world and its lusts), or what yokes to rebirth (Cpd. 1712). There are 4 yogas, which are identical with the 4 oghas viz. kāma-, bhava-, diṭṭhi-, avijjā-, or the bonds of craving, existence, false views, and ignorance; enumd in detail at A II.10; D III.230, 276; J I.374... Mentioned or referred to at S V.59...; cp. also D II.274 (pāpima-yogāni the ties of the Evil one);... - 4. application, endeavor, undertaking, effort... yogaṃ karoti to make an effort, to strive after (dat.) S II.131; A II.93 (āsavānaṃ khayāya y. karaṇīya);... to show (earnest) endeavor, to be active S III.11 sq.; ...
- dhamma- one who is devoted to the Dhamma A III.355;
yutta- (bent on, i. e.) earnest in endeavor J I.65;
yāca- given to making offerings: see yāca.
- 5. pondering (over), concentration, devotion M I.472;...(=yoniso manasikāra...)... - 6. (magic) power, influence, device, scheme J VI.212 (yoga-yogena practice of spells etc....(combd with manta, ascribed to devas). - 7. means, instrument, remedy J I.380 (vamana- an emetic);...

Yuga (nt.) [fr. yuj; Vedic yuga (to which also yoga)= Gr. zugo/n; Lat. jugum=Goth. juk; Ohg. juh; E. yoke; Lith. jungas] 1. the yoke of a plough (usually) or a carriage...

Yujjhati [cp. Vedic yudhyate, yudh, given in meaning "sampahāra" at Dhtp 415. - Etymologically to Idg. *ieudh to shake, fr. which in var. meanings Lat. jubeo to command, juba horse's mane; Gr. u(smi/nh battle, Lith. jund.s, j.sdra whirlwind; cp. also Av. yao.sti agility] to fight, make war. Rare in older literature; our refs. only from the Mahāvaṃsa;...



Oxford English Dictionary


Yoga: [a. Hind., Skr. yoga] In Hindu religious philosophy, Union with the Supreme Spirit; a system of ascetic practice, abstract meditation, and mental concentration, used as a method of attaining this; now a widespread cult in many countries outside India.


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