§ 2. A List of the Former Buddhas

Translated from the Introduction to the Jātaka (i.43.28).


Now in the same world-cycle that saw Dīpamkara, The One Possessing the Ten Forces, there were also three other Buddhas; but as none of them prophesied concerning the Future Buddha, I have not mentioned them. In the Commentary, however, all the Buddhas are mentioned from the beginning of that world-cycle on, as follows: --

247. "Tanhamkara, Medhamkara,
And also Saranamkara,
Dīpamkara, the Buddha great,
Kondañña, of all men the chief,
248. "Mañgala, and Sumana too,
Revata, Sobhita, the sage,
Anomadassi, Paduma,
Nārada, Padumuttara,
249. "Sumedha, and Sujāta too,
Piyadassi, the glorious one,
Atthadassi, Dhammadassi,
Siddhattha, guide of every man,
250. "Tissa, Phussa, the Buddha great,
Vipassi, Sikkhi, Vessabhū,
Kakusandha, Konāgamana,
Kassapa also, guide for men,--
251. "All these aforetime Buddhas were,
Tranquil, from every passion free.
And like the sun, the many-rayed,
They chased away the darkness dense,
And having flamed like tongues of fire,
Became extinct with all their train."

Our Future Buddha, in his passage through four immensities and a hundred thousand world-cycles to the present time, [33] has made his wish under twenty-four of these Buddhas beginning with Dīpamkara. But since Kassapa, The Blessed One, there has been no Supreme Buddha excepting our present one. Accordingly, our Future Buddha has received recognition at the hands of twenty-four Buddhas beginning with Dīpamkara.


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