Train Yourself

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pp explains paliThis means "However it applies." In other words: No violent or injurous fantasies, no imagining theft, thinking up lies or curses, no covetous or threatening speech, no deceitful signifying with the body, etc.
This can (and should) get very subtle. You want to write a movie script about a bank robbery. While there might be no bad kamma associated with a story that demonstrated the unethical side of robbing banks, sitting imagining how you would rob a bank in an interesting way for such a script would be imagining theft.
The most important aspect of the deed is the intent. A passing thought -- a thought that "comes to you," is not an act of mind or imagination; putting will, or intent, or desire into, or cultivation of the thought becomes an act of mind.

Beggars! In a being of Contrary Views, whatsoever deed of body is done in accordance with such views; whatsoever deed of word-thought-and-speech is done in accordance with such views; whatsoever deed of mind is done in accordance with such views; whatsoever intentions, whatsoever thirst, whatsoever calling up, whatsoever Confounding, all such things just conduce to the laying low, the unharmonious, the disheartening, the useless, to the Painful.
How come?
Because of Bad Views, Beggars, that's how come.
In the same way as when a nimb seed or creeper seed or bitter-pumpkin seed is implanted in moist earth, whatsoever nourishment it extracts from earth or water, all such just conduce to making it bitter, making it acrid and unsavory. How come?
Because of the Bad Seed, Beggars, that's how come
--The Ones, #314

-- P.P.