Buddha Dust

Bits and scraps, crumbs, fine
Particles that drift down to
Walkers of The Walk.
Then: Thanks for that, Far-Seer!
Great 'Getter-of-the-Get'n!

Ol'Begga Ols with 'es Ol' Beggas Bowl


λάθε βιώσας
"Well hid is well lived,"
— Epicurus

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The poem "BuddhaDust" that heads this page is in the form of the anticedant to the Haiku called a "Tanka". The Tanka is constructed using five lines with 5,7,5,7, and 7 syllables respectively. The Tanka was originally conceived as a way to praise the Awakened and at one point it took the form of a dialog between poets who linked responses in a form called the renga. You Awakeners out there inspired to praise Gotama are invited to revive this tradition. We have set up a Renga section in the Forum.