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Buddha Dust

Bits and scraps, crumbs, fine
Particles that drift down to
Walkers of The Walk.
Then: Thanks for that, Far-Seer!
Great 'Getter-of-the-Get'n!



Ol'Begga Ols with 'es Ol' Beggas Bowl

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Hello. My name is Michael M. Olds. I am the founder of this site and the author of some of it's content and the editor of the rest.

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This digital presentation of the Pali (The Buddha's Teaching) does so in a way that reflects the position that this system, both in its individual parts and as a whole, is a powerful "spell" designed to optimally present both the theoretical substructure and the practical means for accomplishing it's stated goal of bringing a total and complete end to the experience of Pain [Dukkha] of any sort but most especially the pain of rebirth.

What you will find here is a set of tools one can use in one's effort to put this wonderful teaching into practice. These tools explore the inter-relationships between the Pali Language, The Pali as a system, and understanding and putting the system into practice in today's world.

As Webmaster, I have tried to strike a balance on this site between a reasonably attractive presentation and quick download. I have included the obligatory Statement of Privacy, Copyright Statement and Contact information.

Aside from the fact that I have tried to make the site as user friendly as possible the fact remains that it was never intended as a strictly informational destination. This website is my effort at the presentation of an Idea through this Medium, and as such, there is no aspect of the site that does not reflect my effort to convey the experience of that idea.

Thank you,
Mike Olds, aka 'obo', aka 'ol'begga ols', aka 'Professor Professor'
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May 3, 2015




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Special Thanks should be given to Alex Genaud for his generous hosting of this material on his site. I had become so disenchanted with the www that I was terminating my internet connection and taking down the site when he volunteered to host it. He has done much more than providing hosting service. He is also responsibe for the fact that the site is free of technical errors such as broken links. He is entirely responsible for the fact that the site appears in the multiple formats that are required for devices like phones and tablets. And he is responsible for converting the Pali diacriticals from my propriatary font (a hassle to use for the reader and once described as the ugliest font on the net) to the more widely used Unicode. The site is updated by him from DVDs or thumb-drives which I send him periodically by mail. His work allows me to spend my time in my own personal development as well as in the production of new materials. You can contact Alex at:





Today [Sunday, May 03, 2015 7:59 AM], after a little more than a year at this relatively obscure location there have been some 15,000 unique individual users and more than 1,000 unique individuals visit the site on an average day. Much of the world is represented in the audience, foremost in the number of visitors is the U.S.A. followed by China, Great Britian, Canada, Korea, Japan, India, and Australia and New Zealand. Of the unique visitors to the site some 10,000 have returned more than once. This is something like 3 times the traffic the site was experiencing ten years ago. When the site closed in 2003 it was @80,000Kb; today [Wednesday, November 30, 2016 5:22 AM] it is over 1GB and there are some 13,000 internal links. There is yet hope for a Buddhism focused on the original documentation! Some Historical site statistics are provided on the Dedication page.

The poem "BuddhaDust" that heads this page is in the form of the anticedant to the Haiku called a "Tanka". The Tanka is constructed using five lines with 5,7,5,7, and 7 syllables respectively. The Tanka was originally conceived as a way to praise the Awakened and at one point it took the form of a dialog between poets who linked responses in a form called the renga. You Awakeners out there inspired to praise Gotama are invited to revive this tradition. We have set up a Renga section in the Forum.



BuddhaDust cover

A zipped e-pub edition of the first iteration of The Pali Line c 1987. The original was typewritten. This version has been reset using Times Roman. The illustrations are from the original. Some very slight editing. Handy as a quick reference to one way of organizing the Dhamma. 74 pages.



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