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PTS: Rhys Davids, The Setting up of Mindfulness, note xxi
The 10th Question, Samma Sankappa
ATI: Renunciation

Pali MO Hare Horner Punnaji Bodhi Nanamoli Rhys Davids (Mrs)Rhys Davids Thanissaro Walshe Woodward
Nekkhamma Dumping, Giving Up, Renunciation Renunciation renunciation renunciation renunciation



Pali Text Society
Pali English Dictionary
Edited by T. W. Rhys Davids and William Stede


Nekkhamma: giving up the world and leading a holy life, renunciation of, or emancipation from worldliness, freedom from lust, craving and desires, dispassionateness, self-abnegation, Nibbāna Vin I.18...; D I.110 (id.), III.239, 275, 283; M III.129; A I.147...; III.245; IV.186...439 sq.;....
-a-dhimutta bent on self-abnegation...
-a-bhirata fond of renunciation...
-dhātu the sphere or element of dispassionateness...
-ninna merging into or bent on a holy life...
-sukha the joy or happiness of Arahantship...


Rhys Davids quotes the Comy (no citation) in DN33, pp208: "All good states are nekkhamma-dhātu."




Discussion in footnote of PTS: The Dialogues of the Buddha; Vol II; Sattipatthana Suttanta, pp345:

Nekkhamma: Burnouf derives this word from nis+karma; Oldenberg from nis+kama, and Childers from nis+kramya. These three derivations would give the meaning respectively as having no Karma, being devoid of lust, and going forth from home. Daraminpola explains it here as meaning either the second or the third. No doubt Oldenberg is right as to the derivation. But Daraminpola is also right if we take his not as exegetical, not philological. The fact is that the derivation had been, from very early times, forgotten or confused; and the connotation of the word was renunciation generally, with special reference to these two kinds. It never had anything to do with Karma.

I derive the word from NI KA MA; Put down Shit Making; Dump Shit; Leave the Out House; No more work; dump pleasure seeking; end kamma.


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