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Saṃyutta Nikāya
5. Mahā-Vagga
51. Iddhi-Pāda Saṃyutta
3. Ayo-Guḷa Vagga

Sutta 24

Suddhaka Suttaṃ

Pure and Simple[1]

Translated from the Pāḷi
Michael M. Olds



[1][pts] I Hear Tell:

"Four, beggars, are power-paths.

What four?

Here, beggars, a beggar develops the power-path
that is wish-serenity-connected-exertion-own-making,

he develops the power-path
that is energy-serenity-connected-exertion-own-making,

he develops the power-path
that is heart-serenity-connected-exertion-own-making,

he develops the power-path
that is investigation-serenity-connected-exertion-own-making.

These, then, beggars, are the four power-paths."


[1] Woodward translates 'Puritan' and states the text is in error. Bhk. Bodhi has the right idea: Simple Version. By itself.

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