Aṅguttara Nikāya

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Aṅguttara Nikāya
IX. Navaka Nipāta
II. Sīhanāda Vagga

Sutta 14

Samiddhi Suttaɱ

Venerable Samiddhi

Translated from the Pali
by Sister Upalavanna



[1][pts][than][olds] I heard thus.

Then venerable Samiddhi approached venerable Sàriputta, worshipped, sat on side, and when seated, venerable Sàriputta said:

Samiddhi, with what sign, do thoughts and discursive thoughts arise to a man?

Venerable sir, with the sign, name and matter.

Samiddhi, on account of what do they become various.

Venerable sir, in the elements.

Samiddhi, from what do they arise?

Venerable sir, they arise from contact.

Samiddhi, in what do they come together?

Venerable sir, they come together in feelings.

Samiddhi, what is foremost for them?

Venerable sir, concentration is foremost for them.

Samiddhi, what is supreme in them?

Venerable sir, mindfulness is supreme.

Samiddhi, what is superior in them?

Venerable sir, wisdom is superior in them.

Samiddhi, what is the essence there?

Venerable sir, the essence is release.

Samiddhi, where is the dive?

Venerable sir, in deathlessness.

Samiddhi, when asked, with what sign do thoughts and discursive arise to man, you said, with the sign name and matter.

When asked how do they become various, you said through the elements.

When asked how do they arise, you said, it was through contact.

When asked how do they get together, you said it was through feelings.

When asked what was foremost for them, you said, concentration was foremost for them.

When asked what was supreme there, you said, mindfulness was supreme.

When asked what was superior in them, you said wisdom was superior.

When asked what is the essence there, you said release is the essence.

When asked in what is the dive, you said, it was in deathlessness.

Good! Samiddhi, you answered whatever questions asked, do not think about it.

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