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The Jātaka:
Stories of the Buddha's Former Births
Volume II

Book 2: Dukanipāta

No. 192


Translated from the Pāli by
W.H.D Rouse, M.A., Sometime Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge
Under the Editorship of Professor E. B. Cowell
Published 1969 For the Pāli Text Society.
First Published by The Cambridge University Press in 1895

This work is in the Public Domain. The Pali Text Society owns the copyright."



"Even though women may be fair," etc. — This story will be given in the Mahā-ummagga-Jātaka[2].


[1] Cf. Thibetan Tales, xxi. pp. 291-5, "How a Woman Requites Love."

[2] No. 538 in Westergaard. [Ed.: No. 546]


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