Khuddaka Nikaya

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Commentator's Envoi



The Psalms of them who through the Gospel's grace
Became the true-born children and the heirs,
Mouth-born, of Him who is the Master Blest,
King o' the Norm, creations of the Norm,
Excelling in all virtue, Arahants,
Who wrought all that 'twas possible to do —
These Psalms, their utterances when añña
They did proclaim, or whensoe'er it was,
Beginning with Brother SUBHŪTI'S verse,
With Sisters Psalms, headed by 'STURDYKIN' —
All these the Leaders of the Order took,
And in one ordered serial compiled,

To elucidate the import of that work
Three Older Commentaries are extant.[1]
Thereto this exegesis I have tried
T' indite, the which, in that where'er 'twas fit,
I strove to set the highest meaning forth,
[179] I named the Paramattha-Dipani;
The whole whereof, now finished to the end,
By orderly decision is arranged,
For recitation from the sacred text,
In chapters of the number ninety-two.
Thus by the efficacy of such good
As has accrued to me, by me applied,
Have I made bright the glory of the word,
The system, of the Sovran of the world;
That, by their pure attainment in all truth
And virtue, mortals all may come to taste
The essence of emancipation won.
Long may the Very Buddha's Word and Law
Abide, and ever may it be revered
By every creature that hath life and breath!
And may the weather-god in season due
Send rain on earth, and may the powers that be
Govern the world as lovers of the Norm!

Thus endeth the Commentary on the Therīgatha, by the Teacher, Brother Dhammapala, residing at the Padara-Tittha-Vihāra.


[1] On these, see my Buddhist Psychology, xx.-xxi.

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