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Saɱyutta Nikāya
3. Khandha Vagga
22. Khandha Saɱyutta
11. Anta Vagga

The Book of the Kindred Sayings
3. The Book Called the Khandhā-Vagga
Containing Kindred Sayings on the Elements of Sensory Existence and other Subjects
22. Kindred Sayings on Elements
11. On Separates

Sutta 110

Arahanta Suttaɱ

The Arahant

Translated by F. L. Woodward
Edited by Mrs. Rhys Davids

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Commercial Rights Reserved
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[1] Thus have I heard:

The Exalted One was once staying near Sāvatthī
at the Jeta Grove in Anāthapiṇḍika's Park.

And there the Exalted One addressed the brethren, saying:


"Master!" responded those brethren.

The Exalted One said:

"Brethren, there are these five grasping-groups.

What five?

The body-grasping group,
the feeling-grasping-group,
the perception-grasping-group,
the activities-grasping-group,
the consciousness-grasping-group.

And when, brethren, a brother,
having seen as they really are
both the arising and the ending of,
the satisfaction in,
the misery of,
and the escape from
the five grasping-groups,
is released without grasping, -
this one, brethren, is called || ||

'A brother who is an arahant,
in whom the āsavas are destroyed,
who has lived the life,
done the task,
lifted the burden,
won his own welfare,[1]
worn out the fetters of rebirth,
and is released by perfect insight.'"


[1] Anuppattā-sad'attho.

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