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Saɱyutta Nikāya:
IV. Saḷāyatana Vagga

The Book of the Kindred Sayings
IV. Kindred Sayings on the 'Six-Fold Sphere' of Sense and Other Subjects




N. to p. 113: "At Kosambī, on the bank of the river Ganges." Dr. E. J. Thomas, in his recently published book, The Life of Buddha, p. 15, doubts, with Cunningham and Vincent Smith, whether Kosambī was on the Ganges; and refers to the present passage, text p. 179, and S. iii, 140 (=K.S. iii, 118, where I wrongly printed "Ayojjhāya") as the two places in the Canon where Ayojjhā is so situated. Our text has a variant reading Ayojjhāyaṅ in three MSS.

Addenda to n. 1, p. 269 (= 279), text p. 379.

Text reads saṅsandissati, samessati, na virodhayissati (v.l1 vibhāyissati, vihāyissati). At A. v, 320, in the same context, text reads viggahissati (v.l. vigayhissati), which Comy, ad loc. explains as na virujjhissati.

Our Comy., however, reads here vibhāyissati (with comment na viruddhaṅ saddaṅ bhavissati). I would read viggahissati (non separabitur) in both texts. The meaning in any case is "there will be found no discrepancy."

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