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Vinaya Texts

Part I
The Pātimokkha
The Mahāvagga, I-IV

Translated from the Pāli by
T. W. Rhys Davids
Hermann Oldenberg

Oxford, the Clarendon Press
Vol. XIII of The Sacred Books of the East



This work is in the Public Domain.
Reformatted from the Internet Sacred Text Archive version scanned and formatted by Christopher M. Weimer



Title Page

Introduction to the Vinaya Texts from the Pāli

The Pātimokkha

The Pārāgika Rules
The Samghādisesa Rules
The Aniyata Rules
The Nissaggiya Pākittiya Rules
The Pākittiya Rules
The Pātidesaniya Rules
The Sekhiya Rules
The Adhikarana-samatha Rules

The Mahāvagga

First Khandaka (The Admission to the Order of Bhikkhus)
Second Khandhaka (The Uposatha Ceremony, and the Pātimokkha)
Third Khandhaka (Residence during the Rainy Season)
Fourth Khandhaka (The Parāvanā Ceremony)

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