Aṅguttara Nikāya


Aṅguttara Nikāya
X. Dasaka-Nipāta
IV. Upāli Vagga

The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha
X. The Book of the Tens
IV. Upāli

Sutta 32 (WP #33)

Ubbāhikā Suttaɱ


Translated from the Pali by Bhikkhu Bodhi.

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[72] [1387]

[1][pts] "Bhante, how many qualities should a bhikkhu possess to be agreed upon to adjudicate [in a disciplinary issue]."

"A bhikkhu who possesses ten qualities, Upāli, may be agreed upon to adjudicate [in a disciplinary issue].

What ten?

(1) Here, a bhikkhu is virtuous; he dwells restrained by the Pātimokkha, possessed of good conduct and resort, seeing danger in minute faults. Having undertaken the training rules, he trains in them.

(2) He has learnt much, remembers what he has learnt, and accumulates what he has learnt. Those teachings that are good in the beginning, good in the middle, and good in the end, with the right meaning and phrasing, which proclaim the perfectly complete and pure spiritual life — such teachings as these he has learnt much of, retained in mind, recited verbally, investigated mentally, and penetrated well by view.

(3) Both Pātimokkha s have been well transmitted to him in detail, well analyzed, well mastered, well determined in terms of the rules and their detailed explication.

(4) He is firm in the discipline, immovable.

(5) He is able to convince those on both sides of the issue, to describe matters to them, to persuade them, to demonstrate to them, and to placate them.

(6) He is skilled in the origination and settlement of disciplinary issues.

(7) He knows what a disciplinary issue is.

(8) He knows the origin of a disciplinary issue.

(9) He knows the cessation of a disciplinary issue.

(10) He knows the way leading to the cessation of a disciplinary issue.

A bhikkhu who possesses these ten qualities may be agreed upon to adjudicate [in a disciplinary issue]."

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