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Saɱyutta Nikāya
5. Mahā-Vagga
46. Bojjhanga Saɱyutta
5. Cakka-Vatti Vagga

The Connected Discourses of the Buddha
The Great Book,
Chapter II (46): Connected Discourses on the Factors of Enlightenment
V. Wheel-Turning Monarch

Sutta 49

Paṭhama Aṅga Suttaɱ

Internal Factor

Translated by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Copyright Bhikkhu Bodhi 2000, The Connected Discourses of the Buddha (Wisdom Publications, 2000)
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[2][pts] At Sāvatthī.

"Bhikkhus, as to internal factors, I do not see any other factor that is so helpful for the arising of the seven factors of enlightenment as this: careful attention.

When a bhikkhu is accomplished in careful attention, it is to be expected that he will develop and cultivate the seven factors of enlightenment."

(/The rest as in §13./)

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