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MR: I am very curious as to the deeper meaning of equanimity as some commentaries seem to indicate that it is an attitude of equality towards all people while other commentaries talk about it being a mental state of equilibrium gained through mindfulness and concentration.
What do you think?
Any comments or sutras to help get a better understanding of this would be greatly appreciated.

The take here on Upekkha is a little different. The word is translated Objective Detachment. This following from the perception of the entire system as a detailed elaboration of a method which has "giving up" or "letting go" at it's heart.

While there is no problem with compassion for others as a manner of creating good kamma, the Buddha says: Beggars! I teach the not only the giving up of doing bad deeds, but also the giving up of doing good deeds as well.

Your second definition would be acceptable in that equilibrium can be seen as having attained detachment. There are lots of ways to get there.

Here is a reference to the final two steps (the 9th and 10th) of the Magga, which will give you a look see at how this perspective is put together.


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