Don't let the gloves intimidate you; the gloves are off.

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"You don't control me. I control you."


Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Vincent Pastore and Andre Benjamin
Director: Guy Ritchie

That's Jake, talking to himself. In two sentenses that is just what is wrong about this film. Aside from that refusal to see that there is no self in either party, that this is not a battle between a real self nature and one imposed by Mara, the Devil, (Mr. Gold), it is a fascinating study of the con game we pull on ourselves to maintain our blindness and existence in the world. The central character's struggle to wake up is built on what the director calls an intellectual gangster shoot-em-up. The inner-battle perspective gives unique characterizations to all the players. Very entertaining and with a little mental gymnastics applied to the plot to eliminate the true Jake from the picture, a worthwhile view, with many good lessons for the buddhist.

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