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 [Come Beggar!]


Ijjhati bhikkhave sīlavato cetopaṇidhi visuddhattā — vītarāgattā.|| ||

Successful, beggars, are the heart's aspirations of the ethical
for they are clear — for they are free from lust.


The Outcome in Rebirth
Three Ways of Making Kamma

1. Made by Giving with a wise objective as the result.

Active generosity, done poorly, done moderately well, done in a superior way; and always accompanied by a similar development of ethical conduct.

2. Made by Ethical Conduct with a wise objective as the result.

Abstention from unskillful behavior (deeds causing harm to self or others); cultivation of self-control, done poorly, done moderately well, done in a superior way.

3. Made by Developing Self-Awakening with a wise objective as the result.

Developing the mind, Dhamma research, energy, enthusiasm, impassivity, serenity, and detachment, done poorly, done moderately well, done in a superior way.

Depending on the degree of development #s 1 and 2, practiced together, result in rebirths from luckless human birth through rebirth among the gods with power over the creations of others. See: A Map of the Mind, for the Buddhist Cosmology.

Generosity practiced by itself, though always productive of good results, does not necessarily affect birth. It can, for example, explain a bad man with good luck, or an animal, ghost, or daemon with powers or good luck.

Rebirth in the company of Brahmā and above, and attainment of Nibbāna, all require developing the mind to one degree or another.

Keep in mind that in Buddhist India the idea of 'superior' development of a thing was truly heroic in scope.




AN 8.36 AN 8.34 The characteristics of an unproductive field contrasted with the characteriscs of a person where gifts when given are not very productive followed by the converse field and person.
AN 8.35 Eight rebirths resulting from the aspirations made by virtuous givers of gifts to those who live a holy life.
AN 8.37 Eight considerations or manners of giving of the good man praised by those with insight.
AN 8.38 Eight benefits the birth of a good man brings into the world.

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