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AN 5.033

Uggaha invites the Buddha to a meal to instruct his daughters in the behavior that will profit them in this life and the life hereafter.

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This is one all women should read and take to heart.

I suggest reading it keeping in mind it's framework: There was a general belief in kamma at the time and where there is a belief in kamma the emphasis is on one's behavior, not on where in the pecking order one is located.

However it came about there was a belief at the time that women belonged in the kitchen and were subserviant to their husbands.

Consequently the Buddha's advice to these girls would be such as would, if followed, result in the best outcome in terms of kamma.

Believing in kamma, fighting for equality rather than directing one's energies to the perfecting of one's role as fated by one's kamma and making good kamma, results in bad kamma.

Take a look.

It's fighting. Complaining. Resisting. Argument and contention. Angry emotions and hateful thoughts, words, and deeds.

Everyone who believes they believe in the teachings of the Buddha would be well to think about their reactions to this issue. There is no one who is not, in one way or another, subject to circumstances which are disagreeable. To blame others for this is to miss the truth.

The difference is in seeing injustice versus fighting for justice.

Fighting for justice in any other way than by being a good example and by explaining matters with compassion for all (that includes the so-called 'bad guy') is an indication that one does not understand/believe in kamma.

If one does not understand kamma, one does not understand the point of the Buddha's teachings.

Not understanding one will hold opinions about suttas like this which will amount to thinking that the Buddha did not know what he was talking about or doing.

Holding such opinions one will make statements to that effect and the result of that will not only be bad kamma for one's self but will also be leading other people astray.

Now get back in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans!

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