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A Few of the Major

Approaches to Nibbāna

By Way of The Magga:
High View, high principles, high talk, high works, high lifestyle, high self-control, high mind, and high serenity.
The Magga The Magga The Magga
Focused on

The arising as owned[a] and settling down of the six spheres of contact.

Vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and mentation.

The arising as owned and settling down of the five fuel stockpiles.

Body, sense-experience, perception, own-making, and sense-consciousness.

The arising as owned and settling down of the four great elemental characteristics.

Earth (solidity), water (liquidity), fire (heat), and Wind (motion).

The thought: "Whatsoever has come into existence, all that is subject to ending."

—SN 4.35.204


[a] Samudaya. Own-arising = Arising as own-this or that. I have said that no other translator has recognized the 'sam' in this word, but this is not correct. Bhk. Thanissaro periodically but not in the case of SN 4.35.204, has 'co-arising' (but I am not sure what he has in mind with/by this translation: 'co' = 'with', but with what? It has arisen, consequent upon thirst, as a result of the intent to experience some experience of some individual; it arises attached to the notion 'my' or 'I am'.). Most translators use just 'arising' or 'origination', but this misses the vital information that this 'arising' is the arising of a thing in the shape of something of one's own.

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